Taxes and Love - Prince Charming Continues To Play The Game

Taxes and Love - Prince Charming Continues To Play The Game
So, the saga of Prince Charming the Player and his three wives, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel, continues as the game continues. I’m sure that now everyone is wondering how things are progressing in the not so perfect fantasy land of the Player Prince. When we last checked in on the amorous Prince his life had become less than charming after the Royal Tax Collector sent out a notice to the Prince regarding the number of exemptions he had claimed on his tax return. When the notice was delivered, the three wives of the Player Prince discovered that the Prince was a low life bigamist and they set out together to meet with the Royal Tax Collector and a Royal Attorney to brainstorm about Innocent Spouse Treatment, Divorce, Support and Alimony

In the meantime, the Prince was thrown off his game for a short while when the girls discovered his secret; but being a Player extraordinaire it didn’t take him very long to regroup and come up with a game plan. After all he was a Player and this whole bigamist divorce thing was just game and there wasn’t any game that was too much of a challenge for a master player. The first thing he’d have to do was change his contact information to make it difficult for the girls and their hired lynch men to find him. Then of course he’d have to disappear for awhile so the wives would have time to cool off. This was just a temporary set back. After some time passed and the girls went their separate ways he’d find each of them and reel them back in. There was no doubt in his mind that they still loved him. He was the man and he had the royal touch.

He would head out in a completely different direction and find a new little sweetie to hang out with for awhile. He’d heard a rumor that there was a hot little number named Cinderella in a distant kingdom to the north. So he headed north on his trusty Bronco named Ford. Who did these women think they were messing with? He was Prince Charming and no woman was going to control him. As he rode off he was thinking that no one was going to make him pay alimony even though it was tax deductible; although he wasn’t sure if it would be deductible for more than one wife. At least it was a comfort to know that if the girls did ever catch up with him and he had to pay alimony to any or all of them that it would be considered income on the recipients return. But they wouldn’t catch him. He was a Player and he was still in the game which now was hide and seek – while he was hiding from the wives and their lynch men he’d seek out Cinderella. Yes, he was off to find Cindy; let the games continue.

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