Reasons to play Solitaire

Reasons to play Solitaire
The next time the lights go out or you are just bored and restless; dig out a deck of cards and have some fun. If the electricity is still on, you can fire up the PC and go to one of the many solitaire games that are usually added on.

Anger Management:
Take stock of your emotions before you scream at someone or do something physical to hurt them. In the heat of certain moments, both parties can say and do things that they will regret later. In this case, use a real deck of cards and stay away from the PC games as it may be too tempting to tab over and fire off an e-mail.

Alone Time and Relaxation:
Everyone needs some "me time". Some people need it more than others. Solitaire is a great way to get inside yourself and drown out the rest of the world.

After a hard day at work, sometimes it is nice to come home and just unwind with no sound of the TV, radio or anything else blaring at you. Cards do not make noise and they could be just the quiet companions you are looking for.

Learning Something New:
Playing a PC solitaire game is a great way to get to explore your computer. Basics such as pointing and clicking, dragging, double clicking, and even setting options are just some of what can be taught with these games.

With some games, you can also learn strategy. The solitaire game called Gaps is great for planning ahead. There is no pressure with solitaire; you learn on your own terms and at your own pace.

Practicing Before Embarrassment:
Got a game night coming up? If you are a little rusty on card skills, many solitaire games can walk you through the basics and beyond. PC card games even have other players provided. They are not real, but you do get experience playing someone else; the computer.

Self Esteem:
Sometimes your ego needs a little boost. Let's face it, everyone at some time or another needs a little boost. Friends and family are well meaning, but you know they will find something nice to say. When you sit down and play a little solitaire and win a round, you know you did it! You always feel good when you have achieved something.

Weight Loss:
Before you go into the kitchen to rustle up a snack or two laden with calories; remember this, cards have no calories. Take out a deck of cards and deal up a game of solitaire. Play in the dining room, bedroom or anywhere but the kitchen. I would recommend PC games for this, but sometimes there are food ads on the PC screen and that would be very counter-productive. If you are hungry while playing, nibble on fruits or veggies and drink plenty of water.

There are probably other reasons you can think of to play solitaire. Whether you play at the PC or with a regular deck of cards the old fashioned way; have fun, relax and enjoy!

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