Doll Buying Etiquette

Doll Buying Etiquette
A few months ago I exhibited my dolls in a craft show. It was my first show and I learned a lot.

During this past Holiday shopping season I took a seasonal job at a "big box" toy store to earn some extra money. This was the first time I'd worked in a retail position since college...many, many years ago. Again, I learned a lot.

For the most part these were both very positive experiences, but it was brought home to me that maybe we could all benefit from looking at things from another person's perspective.

I'm certain I will be preaching to the choir here, because my interactions with my readers has taught me that you are all kind, caring, positive people. But, just on the chance that someone else might read this, I think it needs to be reinforced that there should be some etiquette when shopping for toys in general, and dolls in particular.

I don't know who said it, so forgive me if I misquote, "Be kinder than you need to be, everyone is dealing with something." That's the theme of this list of suggestions.

. When attending a craft show, all those lovely creations are begging to be picked up and handled, moved around, etc. Resist the urge to move the dolls. Feel the fabric of the dress, talk to the exhibitor, share your stories, don't rearrange the display.

. Don't sketch a picture of the doll, don't take a photo of the doll, don't tell your friend, so that the exhibitor can hear, that you could make it, just as good, for less.

. When shopping in a store for a doll or toy, please don't pick up an item and just leave it in any old place, if you decide you don't want it after all. Would you want someone to do that in your home? It's rude and thoughtless. Many of the people at that store spend their entire shift doing nothing else but putting things back where they belong!

. Be as polite to the people who work at your favorite doll and toy shop as you would expect them to be to you. The person who works to earn minimum wage has no authority to set, or change the price of an item. If the last customer had not moved your item to the wrong location, you wouldn't think it was selling for the price marked on that shelf.

I am resolved to be nicer than I need to be, to all I meet this year, due in large part to my recent experience selling dolls and toys at Christmas.

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