What's in Ned's Head?

What's in Ned's Head?
What's in Ned's Head?

Players 2-4

Ages 4 and up

Playing time Varies

Just exactly what is in Ned's head? If you are brave enough, draw a card, reach your hand into his head and find out. Players scramble around in Ned's head to find the silly item depicted on their card. When a player thinks she has the right item, she pulls it out of Ned's head.

Ned's Head is a wonderful game for pre-schoolers since there is no reading involved. A game can be played in just a few minutes, so it's doubtful even the youngest player will lose interest. There are additional rules that can make the game last longer.

What's in Ned's Head? consists of Ned's head that has four ways to get into his head: two openings at the nose and one opening at each ear. There are a total of 25 cards and 15 items. There are 10 blank cards that can be used to add your own silly items to Ned's head. Each of the 15 item cards has a picture of one silly object that is in Ned's Head. It might be a Q-tip, a tooth, or even Ned's pet frog.

Place Ned's head in the middle of the playing area. Players each get one item card, and they don't show which card they drew. Next, all players say, "What's in Ned's Head?" and proceed to stick their hand into Ned's head to search for their item. When a player believes she has found her item, she removes it from Ned's head. If she has a match, she wins the game. If she doesn't have a match, then she must wait for everyone else to remove their hands before she can try again to find her item. For a longer game, players can play rounds, scoring a point for each time they find a silly item first.

What's in Ned's Head? is a fun game. It is very versatile in that you can add your own silly items, or if you lose items then just remove those item cards from the game. It would be unsportsmanlike to have a player searching for a slice of moldy cheese when the moldy cheese isn't in Ned's head. Since the basic game consists on finding only one item, you could theoretically lose a few pieces and still be able to play this game just fine.

Ned's head is made of polyester material over a metal frame. His head is like a pop-up tent. The metal frame will collapse, so you can easily store Ned's head in the box.

What's in Ned's Head? is definitely geared for younger children. Reaching into the unknown head for crazy items is more thrilling for the young kids than for older kids. What's in Ned's Head is a fun game for small kids and is a great way for families to get in some quality time since a game can be played in under 15 minutes.

I purchased Ned's Head for my daughter

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