Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich

Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich
If you're a fan of comic books, Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich is just brilliant. The graphics are gorgeous, and the dialogue is extremely funny. One complaint - it's too short.

First, the gameplay. This is actually Freedom Force 2, and gives you a little intro sequence to catch you up on what has happened if you didn't play the first game. In essence you are one of a team of classic super-heroes. Each has of course a hokey reason for having the powers and a distinct personality. Your aim is to save the world, including being sent back to World War 2.

You're launched into the game with either a standard or custom character. The graphics in here are just beautiful - it's like playing in a real cartoon comic series. If we had shown this game to people back in the 70s, they would never have believed that a "computer game" could look like this. The streetlights cast soft glows on the landscape, the character movement is very natural.

You follow the arrows and hints on a given map to determine where to go and what to do. There is a lot of BASH! CRASH! style combat, as well as the typical witty / cliche dialogue that you find in comic books. Sometimes you roll your eyes, and sometimes you burst out laughing.

You don't have to take on the enemies alone. You're usually working with a squad of friends, using your various skills to blast, bash, fireball or scare off your enemies. When you finish missions, you can upgrade your skills before you move on again.

A main complaint is that the game is relatively short. You can finish it in a few days if you're good with point-and-click. Sure, you can replay it with different custom characters, or of course kick the difficulty level up. But I do wish the main campaign was longer.

Other than that, it's a fun game! Comic book fans will find it a must-have game, while others might be able to rent it for a weekend.

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