1962 - Dr. No

1962 - Dr. No
Super agent 007 first ventured onto the silver screen in “Dr. No”. After the murder of a fellow agent, James Bond travels to Jamaica and ventures into trouble in the form of the evil Dr. No who’s masterminded his own devious plot against the space program. With the help of Felix Leiter and Honey Ryder, Bond struggles to put a stop to the plan. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for when you’re watching “Dr. No”.

· Sylvia Trench is talking to 007 (the first time her ever says “Bond, James Bond”) at the table. There is a side view of James when Sylvia asks about raising the limit and he takes the cigarette out of his mouth and he is holding it in his left hand. The scene cuts to a close-up of him when he says he doesn’t “have any objections” and the cigarette is back in his mouth. It cuts back to the side view and the cigarette is in his hand once more.

· Bond goes to see M and stops to talk to Moneypenny. He opens the door to the office and tosses his hat on top of the coat rack. It lands on the hook facing the door to Moneypenny’s office. When James leaves the office a few moments later, the hat is on a different hook, facing M’s office.

· James finds Sylvia Trench in his room and she’s holding a golf club. When she’s telling him that she “changed into something more comfortable”, the side view of Sylvia shows her bringing the golf club up in front of her. It cuts to a front view of her, when she says she hopes she “did the right thing” and she brings the club up again.

· There is a freelance photographer at the airport when James arrives. The same photographer shows up again while James and Felix are having a drink. They grab the photographer and bring her over to the table. The camera has a noticeable strap that goes around the photographer’s neck and in front of her. During the close-up of her at the table, when Bond says “good evening”, the strap is gone. But in the side view, the strap is back when Bond takes the camera from her.

· Bond is waiting at Ms. Tao’s house. He sets a deck of cards on table next to the chair. In the side view of him, when he takes out his gun, his tie falls neatly down the front of his shirt (down the middle). But in the close-up view of him putting the silencer on the gun, his tie is missing. He’s wearing it a few moments later when he’s playing solitaire.

· When James first sees Honey on the beach, he sings part of the song back to her. She backs away from him. Her goggles are in the sand behind her. But when she drops her shells and draws her knife, the goggles in the sand in front of her.

· After they venture into the area marked “Danger”, Bond and Honey are in the water. Her white shirt is completely soaked. But when they come out of the water, her shirt is almost dry.

· Bond is talking to Dr. No at the table. In the close-up, he picks up a knife and is holding it up in front of him, between both hands. When James says “I don’t want you here”, he’s still holding it. It cuts to a wide view and he’s not holding the knife and his arms are down. Honey says “No” and the close-up of James shows he’s holding the knife again and his hands are up in front of him. They’re back down again without the knife in the next shot.

· At the end of the movie, when Bond and Honey are being towed by Felix and his crews, the close-up view shows James sit down on Honey’s right side. It cuts a far view of them on the boat and he’s on her left side. In another close-up, when they scoot to the floor, he’s on her right.

“Dr. No” (1962) stars Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman and Jack Lord. It runs 110 minutes and is rated PG due to mild action/violence, infrequent drinking/smoking, mild language and some sensuality.

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