Halloween Card Games

Halloween Card Games
This is the same game as War, but the roles of black versus red come into play, taking a vampiric twist on an old favorite. Black is the earth; and red, of course, is the blood part of this game.

If this is a two player game, then each player gets either all black cards or all red cards. Should this be a four player game, then each player would have thirteen cards all consisting of the same suit to start the game.

Each player turns over their cards one at a time. The highest card wins the pile. The cards are still ranked Aces high and 2's low.

Should players turn over cards of the same rank, then three cards are dealt face down with one more turned face up. The highest of those face up cards wins.

The game gets played until Blood or Earth wins all of the cards.

This game is best played with many players. You need one deck of cards with a Joker. The Joker acts as the skeleton.

Each person is dealt cards until they are all distributed. Whoever has the skeleton/Joker is eliminated and he or she places all of their cards in the middle of the table. This will include the skeleton/Joker.

Everyone draws a card from the pile the eliminated player has placed in the middle of the table. Cards are drawn one at a time, starting with the player to the left of the eliminated player.

Should there be more than one card to be taken by a player, again; the person to the left of the eliminated player goes first, and play continues to the left.

This is a game of chance and luck. There is no skill involved, but it is a fun game to play. When it gets down to just a few players, the drawing of the discards gets more and more intense.

The object is to be the last player remaining.

This is a very simple game for the youngest players. It helps to teach colors, even though it is just black and red; as well as counting. It will also help teach the idea of winning, and also being a good sport if someone doesn't win. An adult or older person may have to help with counting.

All 52 cards of a deck are laid out on the table in an oval shape. They need to be fanned out and not just stacked one on top of the other. This will give the impression of bobbing for apples.

One by one, starting with the youngest, each player draws a card. This continues until all cards have been picked up from the table. The cards are not looked at until the end of the round.

When the cards are turned over, each player needs to pick out the red cards in their hand. Whoever has the most red cards, or apples in this case, wins the round. Whoever scores the most apples by the end of three rounds, wins the game.

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