Taxes & Love - A Valentine Masquerade

Taxes & Love - A Valentine Masquerade
The Kingdom is buzzing with gossip about the Valentines Day Masquerade Ball. There are signs all over the Kingdom advertising the big event. Everyone that is anyone is planning to attend even though there is also an under current of disapproval of the Player Prince and the fact that he has turned the Ball into a Fundraiser to support his own needs.

As it is this reporter’s custom to gather information by eavesdropping on the conversations of the women of the Kingdom, most particularly on the estranged wives of the Prince, let me just zero in and gather some gossip.

“Snow White, have you seen the signs for the big event? I can’t believe the nerve of that man. He’s presenting himself all over the Kingdom as a Pauper Prince and using the Valentines Day Ball as a way to bilk money out of his subjects. Just look at this one that I took down to show to the Royal Tax Collector. Listen to what it says, - Support the Royal Prince in his efforts to raise funds to pay his taxes to the Royal Tax Collector – Eat, Drink and Be Merry – The Prince is Giving A Valentines Day Lovers Concerto Ball – Kisses for Sale, Gambling including Hearts, Tarts, and Darts - new games invented for this event. Show your support by purchasing items at the Heart of my Heart Shop – Including a Fleatique, a Sassy Shop and an Estate Sale of Royal Gemstones.”

“I think he should dress up as a Beggar in rags with a tin cup. Don’t you think that would be quite appropriate, Rapunzel?”

“Yes, I think that would be perfect. He’d be dressed up as himself, a Pauper Player Prince. I wonder what Cinderella is going to wear. There’s no way her costume can possibly be better than ours. It was a true brainstorm that Beauty had when she suggested we dress up in beautiful feathered bird costumes with those spectacular sequined masks. I love dressing as a Dove and you look perfect as a Raven with your black hair and Sleeping Beauty makes a gorgeous peacock. No one will look better than we do and there’s no way that Player husband of ours will ever recognize us.”

“I think that you’re right Rapunzel; but we’ll know soon enough. Tonight’s the night. What do you think Sleeping Beauty?”

“I think you’re right. He certainly won’t recognize us and that makes it that much easier to spy on him and gather the information that the Royal Tax Collector wants us to get.”

“What information does the Royal Tax Collector want us to gather Snow White?”

“He wants us to find out if the Prince is collecting appropriate sales tax on the items that he’s selling. Since he’s not a tax-exempt non-profit organization recognized by the law of the land he is operating as a small business. He should, therefore, be collecting sales tax according to the sales tax rules in the state where he is located. Each state in the Kingdom has its own sales tax laws and the Prince has to follow those for our location. According to the Royal Tax Collector everything tangible that is sold here is taxable, even the food because it’s being served on the premises. Now of course that varies in every state but the Royal Tax Collector said it’s extremely important to check into the requirements related to registration, collection and payment of sales tax if you are operating a business, particularly a business being operated for profit.”

“So girls, we all have to buy things, buy food and to partake of all of the activities so we can gather sales tax facts. The more we buy the more facts we'll gather and the better to implicate him with my dears. And it will be so fine being incognito and under cover. I love a masquerade.”

“You got that right Snow White. We’re all in this together, an undercover team.”

“Yes we are. Now let’s adorn ourselves in our fine feathered costumes and head out to the Ball, after all, “birds of a feather flock together.”

This reporter can’t wait to bring you the follow-up after the Ball is over. Can’t wait !

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