Crossword II - Spanish demonstratives and articles

Crossword II - Spanish demonstratives and articles
Thanks to the person who proposed the use Spanish games to review grammar points, I’ve prepared this crossword, containing Spanish demonstrative adjectives and Spanish articles (definite and indefinite).
Hope you find it useful and, no need to tell you, post a message if you need any help, or maybe you have thought about an interesting activity that I can prepare for you.

Horizontal Vertical
1. _______ chicas son mis amigas.
(These girls are my friends)
1. Neuter article.
2. Consonante / Consonante
2. _____ silla está rota.
(That chair is broken)

3. Vocal / Vocal / Consonante
4. Dame _________ lápiz.
(Give me that pen)
4. ______ niña está cansada.
(The girl is tired)
5. Consonante y vocal / Consonante
5. Spanish affirmation
6. We use it instead of 'y' when the following word begins with 'sound <i>'.
6. ________ pájaros están cantando.
(The birds are singing)
6. Última vocal
7. _______ quieren jugar conmigo.
(They want to play with me)
7. Tengo ______ un perro.
(I have got a dog)
8. Consonante
8. He / She assaults, attacks.
1.____ árbol es muy alto.
(The tree is very tall)
1. A + EL.
1. Verb SER, Present tense, 3rd person singular.
2. Consonante
2. Necesitas ________ martillo.
(You need that hammer over there)
3. Consonante / Vocal.
3. ______ casa fue construida en 1889.
(The house was built in 1889)
4. Quiero _________ libros.
(I want those books over there)
5. Consonante / Consonante
5.Bear (female).
6.Spanish preposition (IN)
6. Consonante / Consonante
7.Consonantes / Consonante y vocal / Vocal y Consonante
8. Dos vocales / Una vocal
8. Tengo ______ hermana y dos hermanos.
(I have one sister and two brothers)

(Answers at the end of this page)

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