Traveling with Cards

Traveling with Cards
Are you in a job that puts you in the air or on the road often? Do you take many family trips and sometimes have nothing to do? Here are some suggestions to pass time when life hands you a little unexpected boredom or wait time.

This is a good game to play on the road. It helps make time pass a lot more quickly. Take one deck of cards and turn them over one by one. Let's say you draw the 9 of diamonds. In license plates, bumper stickers, signs or buildings; look for a 9 or a diamond or both. There is no going backwards, you can only look to the sides and ahead to find what you need for the drawn card. The trip may even be over before the last card is dealt.

A deck of cards and a short board is all two people need to play the game of War. War is where everyone divides the cards evenly and then lays them down one at a time to see who has the highest card. Whoever has the highest card takes the other cards. In case of a tie, you lay down three cards, then turn over one last one. That card will tell who is the winner of that last war. Play until you get bored or until someone wins all the cards.

One deck of cards, a pencil and small notebook would be excellent for this game. Turn over between three and five cards and put the rest back in the box or card holder. Using subtraction, addition, multiplication, division or other mathematical equations; try to use all of the cards to make a math problem complete with the answer.

Let's say you pick a 6, an Ace, and a 7. This one would be easy. 6 plus One (Ace) equals 7.

Now let's try one with four cards. We'll use 4, 8, 3, and 6. 3 times 8 equals 24. 24 divided by 4 equals 6.

The higher number of cards you pick will lead to more complicated arithmetic. It is also good practice on school breaks.

If you have a small lap board and a deck of cards, that is all you will need for this little time passer. Turn over the cards one by one. Before you do, you need to decide if you want to guess the numerical value, the suit, or the color of the card.

When you lay down the card, if you were correct with your guess, place it aside. If not, turn it upside down on the bottom of the deck. That way, when you get to the end of the deck, you will know it as the cards will then be upside down. If you would prefer to keep going, then you can just place the cards with the incorrect guesses at the bottom and you'll start again.

Stick with one theme of suits, numbers or colors throughout the whole deck. Don't change what you are looking for in the middle of the game. The next time you play, you can change what you are trying to guess.

Sometimes trips can be boring or just plain long. Don't dread the time wasted. Think of it as having spare time to have a little fun and keep your brain active.

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