Coffee Review--Allegro Blend and Yauco Selecto

Coffee Review--Allegro Blend and Yauco Selecto
A chilly, rainy Sunday afternoon finds most people watching movies, or staying under the covers but for me, well, you know—it‘s all about the coffee. With two new coffees to try, I had to bring out the French press and get down to the business of it all. Coarse grinds, water just off the boil, note pad at the ready, I would have made the Starbucks cuppers proud.

It’s funny how knowledge of the average coffee drinker in this country has grown over the years. When I was growing up, my Mom’s coffee was pretty much generic with some brands standing out more than others, mainly a result of marketing. Even now we all remember the tunes like “Chock Full O' Nuts is that heavenly coffee…” These days, for many, our knowledge goes more deeply into roasts and origins.

While I am surely a novice when it comes to cupping, I decided to go ahead and give it my best shot and then compare my observations with professionals.
Here’s how my observations compare:

Allegro Blend
From the Allegro Coffee Company.

My Review:

Visual Observation: Light dull beans

Taste: Acidic, Bright

Official Description:
“To those familiar with classical music, Allegro is a term to describe tempo that is brisk and lively. These upbeat qualities also perfectly describe our signature blend which is all about peppy and powerful fruit-tinged acidity.

Acidity or brightness is perhaps the most misunderstood word in coffee - it's not a Ph measure (coffee is actually low in that sort of acidity) but rather a descriptor, referring to the lively, palate cleansing quality that makes high grown coffees taste so much better than the ones grown down-slope. It's that little kiss of fruit that also makes a fine white wine taste great.”

Yauco Selecto
Puerto Rico

My Review:

Visual Observation: Dark Shiny Bean

Taste: Smooth, cocoa or chocolaty undertones

Official Description:
“A well-balanced cup, with a creamy, almost buttery taste, with an arresting aftertaste and a hint of chocolate undertones.”

You see, I wasn’t far off the mark after all. While I don’t have the depth of a professional cupper, I was right on track. I really need to learn to trust myself more. The bottom line for me is days later, down the road, does it still catch my attention? Or does it join the endless parade of coffees in my life? I’ll let you know.

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