Is Ocuvite Lutein Eye Supplement Helpful?

Is Ocuvite Lutein Eye Supplement Helpful?
I noticed an advertisement about the nutritional supplement called Ocuvite during a television show. The next day, I talked with my neighbor and mentioned the vitamin/mineral supplement. I discovered my friend used the supplement. My neighbor deals with the eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. She stated the supplement made a difference in her condition and seemed to slow the progression of the illness. My friend reported a very satisfactory result while using Ocuvite. I decided to investigate the supplement.

What is Ocuvite?

Ocuvite is a multi-vitamin containing Lutein (a nutrient found in the retinal nerve of the eye) and specific minerals. The supplement’s design replaces elements missing in a person’s diet. Replacing the missing elements aids the health of the eyes. A person consuming a balanced diet normally does not need a multi-vitamin. Consulting your doctor can help in making the decision to take a multi-vitamin. Multi-vitamins treat a vitamin deficiency that may occur in situations like pregnancy, certain illnesses, poor diet, digestive problems and certain medications.

**Consult the Department of Health for the dietary needs for your particular situation. Increasing the consumption of orange, green and yellow fruits and dark green leafy vegetables provides the needed nutrients necessary for healthy eyes. Spinach and cabbage are especially helpful as they contain high levels of lutein.

What is the dosage of Ocuvite?

Always take the recommended dosage of any form of medication or supplement unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. Starting a supplement sounds like a simple task but several factors can influence the effectiveness of the supplement or decrease the effectiveness of other medications consumed. Check each supplement for interaction with other supplements or medications. An example, a person taking certain types of blood pressure medications and mixing a supplement could cause a reduction of the effectiveness of the blood pressure medication. A person taking calcium supplements can cause a reduction in the amount of a supplement or medication absorbed by the body. Someone on a low sodium diet or using salt substitutes regularly should avoid supplements containing potassium.

What is the proper method of taking Ocuvite?

Take the Ocuvite tablets with a glass of water. Do not take Ocuvite with any form of dairy product (no milk). Avoid antacids containing calcium.

How is Ocuvite stored?

Ocuvite works best stored at room temperature away from moisture and heat. Do not freeze liquid forms. Do not place supplements into a different container. Placing some supplements in glass containers can influence the drug’s effectiveness.

What scientific information resulted from clinical trials performed on the use of Ocuvite?

Research conducted failed to produce definitive results for the use of Ocuvite. Studies conducted did not produce overall improvement of vision with the use of Ocuvite or other supplements. Some evidence of improvement using a supplement such as Ocuvite did result from some clinical trials on specific eye conditions.


A recommendation for the use of a supplement should combine the consultation of a doctor with the information for each individual patient. The partnership of a physician and the patient including a complete work up of the patient provides the information needed to determine the benefit of using Ocuvite or any form of supplement. Results of the effectiveness of a supplement varied from person to person. The use of a multi-vitamin or supplement for a vision issue is best determined according to the condition/situation of each individual with the help from a professional care provider.

Author Note:

I wrote this article to provide information to assist with making the decision to add Ocuvite to your daily routine. The information should not override a medical recommendation. Always discuss starting or changing the use of supplements with your doctor before beginning a regiment. I do not use Ocuvite. I have not received any form of compensation/payment for writing this article about Ocuvite.

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