Taxes & Love – Player Prince’s Wives Open Boutique

Taxes & Love – Player Prince’s Wives Open Boutique
If one was to choose one word to describe the front page of the Kingdom’s newspaper this morning it would be ironic. The Editor of the paper must have had a strange sense of humor when he laid out the page knowing that the individual items in the layout were about both beginnings and endings.

The first article was an announcement from the King and Queen of the Land telling the good people of the Kingdom that it was with great regret and concern that they had to announce that Prince Charming had been sent away to a Rehabilitation Center for substance abuse and treatment of a bi-polar disorder that had become uncontrollable and was responsible for all of his recent poor judgment and bad behavior. Also, it was unfortunate that he had misrepresented himself to his latest guests, Cinderella and her Step-Mother and Step-Sisters and the Step-Mother and Step-Sisters would be leaving the Kingdom today to return to their homeland. Cinderella has decided to venture out on her own with Prince Worthy from a neighboring Kingdom where they would be married and live happily ever after as Prince Worthy, while not a terribly good looking fellow was indeed a kind hearted good man who would make a very good husband for Cinderella. With regard to the tax problems of Prince Charming, the King and the Royal Solicitors were able to arrange an Offer In Compromise with the Royal Tax Collectors as the Prince himself had very little in assets and since his run of bad luck had lost his income and now only had a small royal allowance. The Prince’s entire tax debt was settled for a much lower amount than was originally owed. The King and Queen want to assure all the inhabitants of the land that the Kingdom is free and clear of any tax liens and that the Royal Coffers are now full again and the Kingdom is again solvent. The King and the Queen and their son Prince Charming extend their deepest apologies to all inhabitants of the land, including Snow White, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty.

There was a short Engagement Announcement on the same page with a picture of Prince Worthy and Cinderella and the details of their impending nuptials. She was in fact very pretty and had a beautiful smile on her very happy face and Prince Worthy also was smiling as he looked lovingly at his Bride-To-Be. They were clearly in love. One could not help but compare the two Princes. Clearly Prince Charming was not a worthy man but Prince Worthy was a man of character and that made him a charming man. So, as the saying goes, “you can’t judge a book by its cover.”

And the next to the last item on the page was a large advertisement for a new Boutique that has just opened in the Kingdom called Birds of a Feather. The three owners, Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty were pictured in their bird costumes from the Ball and they all looked stunning and happy. Below the ad was a short update on the three feathered friends from the reporter that had been covering their story throughout.

“This reporter is happy to say that the three soon to be ex-wives of Prince Charming, now known by all as The Original Player, are now happy new business owners. After they received so much attention for their unique costumes at The Ball they kept receiving requests from ladies from not just this Kingdom but also other neighboring Kingdoms for one of a kind designer gowns and costumes. Thinking that maybe they could start a business they met with their Accountants and Attorneys and were able to make a deal with the Prince’s representatives for the funding for their business as part of their divorce settlements. They consulted with tax representative regarding sales tax requirements related to all of their merchandise and hired a fine Tax Accountant and a Bookkeeper to handle their financial data in a businesslike manner from the planning stages, Start-up and going forward as a functioning new business. When asked if they still felt animosity toward Prince Charming, they each responded by laughing out loud and then Snow White said, “on the contrary Ms. Reporter, LOL, all’s well that ends well. We three girls have Birds Of A Feather and a bright future before us and have the Prince to thank for a wonderful education in tax law and settlements that gave us the funding we needed and the beloved Prince Charming now has a much needed, well deserved rest. After all he did wear himself out with his many activities, now didn’t he? Yes indeed, Ms. Reporter, all’s well that ends well!”

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