Fun and Games on the Weather Site!

Fun and Games on the Weather Site!
Although the Weather site at BellaOnline includes articles on serious subjects such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes, we have fun as well! BellaOnline's extras include postcards, word games, and contests.

Hundreds of postcards are available from the site editors of BellaOnline. You can send a postcard by clicking Postcards on the far left, under the heading "Daily Clicks"(to see postcards I have uploaded, scroll down the page to "Weather"). It is very easy to send a postcard! Choose a picture from the thumbnails shown, then enter your information (names, email addresses, and your message). You can also select a greeting, background, music, and stamp. Then click "Send postcard" and it will be on its way! You will have the opportunity to view the postcard you have just sent.

Word games, including Hangman, Word Scramble, and Word Search, are fun ways to relax and perhaps test your knowledge. In site-specific games, the words are related to the topic. For example, the Weather word games feature terms used in describing and predicting the weather, such as hurricane, hailstorm, and atmosphere.

If you’ve never played Hangman before, it’s easy! When you start a game, you will see horizontal lines, one for each letter in the word. Below that is the hanging scaffold on the left and the letters of the alphabet on the right. Guess letters one at a time – if you are correct, the letter will appear in the word. Otherwise, your hangman gains a body part! If you miss 10 letters, the hangman’s body will be complete and your game ends. If you guess the word, congratulations!

Word Scramble is exactly what it sounds like. The letters of the word have been mixed-up and your task is to sort them out! Similarly, in Word Search you will look for a list of words within a grid of letters.

Remember playing Memory games when you were a child? Memory is a fun picture game in which you turn over tiles, trying to find the ones that match. Since you can only see one at a time, you have to remember where you saw the other one in order to form a pair! Weather memory games feature pictures related to weather – for example, Worldwide Skies has pictures of clouds and other atmospheric phenomena taken around the world.

Many other games are also available at BellaOnline, including Solitaire, Minesweeper, Tetris, and Connect 4. You can even test your psychic skills or adopt a BellaPet! If you have children, and especially if you are homeschooling, check out the paper dolls!

Last but definitely not least, test your knowledge of site topics by taking quizzes. These 10-question quizzes are fun and you will gain new information just by answering them. If you are a logged-in member, your scores will be recorded for future reference! Be sure to look for new Weather quizzes as they are posted.

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