Make a Window Quilt to Save on Heating Bills.

Make a Window Quilt to Save on Heating Bills.
As I mentioned in the article about Heat Catchers We use a dual system of Window Heat Catchers during the day, and cover our windows with fitted window-sized quilts to keep the heat in during the night. Much of heat loss is actually due to radiant heat loss through glazing during the night!

To make a Window Quilt follow the directions below.

Liner Material (quilt liner or old blankets to fit windows in quesiton)
Cover (Cloth to cover them in a pleasant decor colors-optional)
Needle or sewing machine
hanging rods or tacking system

Measure the length of window top to bottom. Add an Inch for a half inch seam allowance at either end. Measure window width. Add Three inches. This includes an inch overlap on either side and a seam allowance of a half inch on either side. You can sew by sewing machine or with a simple needle and thread. Both work fine.

Cut the liner to fit dimensions outlines above.

Cut Cover Cloth bigger by a half inch all around, in other words. Add an inch to the liner length and width for a seam allowance. It needs to COVER the liner.
Seam liner on sides and on bottom end. Leave top end open. Place liner inside smoothly. Sew Top shut. Add some hanging loops.

If you like you can g to the Bella Quilting site and get an idea for a quilted cover:
Bella Quilting Information Site

To hang, just thread lops over a curtain rod placed flush against the window, or place tacks on the top of the window and loop the hangers over them. During the day is you want to look out fold it up and pin up. Or make side ties and tie up. During the night, place flat against the window to keep the heat in the house.

With a Heat Catcher to the utside of it in the inner window frame you'll gain heat and then keep it in the house at night, Thus lowering your heating bills by as much as a half!

Stay warm!

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