Our Own Tsunami - Hurricane Katrina

Our Own Tsunami -  Hurricane Katrina
This lethal hurricane has practically wiped Louisiana off the map of the United States. Oh, if only we had known even a week prior to it touching down what the devastated people of New Orleans especially were in for - if only. I know we could have handled things better - much better.

Several nights ago, I was flipping through the TV channels and stumbled upon some type of meteorologist or someone of this ilk who has calculated that four more hurricanes will hit the United States in September alone of this year - and that two of them will be MAJOR hurricanes --- yes, I said - MAJOR; and if I am not mistaken, he said one of them for sure will go up the Eastern seaboard.

In trying to scour my brain about some foreboding predictions I have read in the past, possibly from Nostradamus, and I believe mentioned somewhere in Revelations in the Bible, it foretells of parts of the United States winding up underwater after some horrific occurrences. Are we in that timeframe? Are there more catastrophes coming in the near future - or has this weather been a fluke? We still have two months of 'hurricane season' to get through. Then, next year, we start to worry again. Is this any way to live? especially for the people who live anywhere near the coast lines?

What especially and increasingly worries me is the many forces of nature that have been occurring across the United States, sometimes simultaneously as well as more and more often consistently - landslides, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes -- even volcanoes starting to erupt. Does anyone see a pattern here? and, what does it all mean?

Does it signify the beginning of the end of times? Were the Incas and/or the Mayans correct in going no further with their calendars than 2012? Will 40 to 50% of the United States end up under water, following in the footsteps of the City of Atlantis? And, the all-encompassing question, will George Bush be there for us if and when the next devastation occurs?

This is all food for thought. We also have to worry about meteorites hitting earth as well from what I've read recently. Will there be any time for fun in the foreseeable future? or, will fear engulf us in our everyday lives from hereon in? They say the only thing to fear is fear itself. I'm not so sure about that. Being left in toxic water - with no food and nothing to drink, in the pitch dark for days on end not being able to see 3 feet in front of you, watching dead bodies float by, maybe some even hitting up against you, is enough to make the strongest, most heroic person go insane.

It doesn't seem to me that New Orleans will ever be the City it once was - or even ever recover to a fraction of that. What will become of that spot on the map? What about the next big hurricane - will it do the same to another city, or worse, state? and then what? Where do we go from here? Who has the answers? Has anyone entertained the idea that if Katrina had been a Category 4 when it was still East of Florida - then passed West directly over Florida - that it would have wiped out the entire State of Florida? and then what? Doesn't anyone in government have a plan? We can send people to the Moon - and back, so why can't the many geniuses of this nation put their heads together and devise a strategy? Well, maybe if we can find a Mayan - or an Inca roaming around, we can get the answer....until then, hold onto your most precious possession.....your family!

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