Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss
1. Listen to your body. Relax and stop eating when you feel satisfied.

2. Eat smaller portions. In time, you will become full eating less food. This is good and will help you to become smaller. Remember eating large portions will make you larger.

3. Avoid high calorie drinks.

4. Drink plenty of water. You can make water taste better by adding natural healthy ingredients like lemon, honey, etc.

5. Avoid foods with a high fat content. Make this a life long habit, and you will be thin for life.

6. Ask yourself what am I feeling? What do I need to do for me right now to feel better? If you pay attention to how you really feel, and are true to yourself you will realize that food is not what you want after all.

7. Learn to take care of how you feel on the inside. Comfort yourself when you need care. Rest and sleep when you are tired. Eating food is only one way that you can help yourself to feel better. There are many other ways to find comfort.

8. Exercise every day. Choose an activity that you enjoy and include it into your daily routine. The exercise does not have to be hard, it can be easy and gentle to your body. Exercise helps your metabolism to work properly in the process of burning fat both during and after activity. It also improves mental health and well being.

9. Include green vegetables and fruit into every meal. Fruits and vegetables help the body to heal, as well as become healthy and thin.

10. Set mental goals to lose weight. Choose an article of clothing, for example that pair of size 8 jeans that you really love. Think of how good you will look and feel when you finally can wear that item. Use it as a constant reminder of your weight loss goals. Be sure to pick easy goals, baby steps that will help you to feel good and positive about weight loss.

11. Visualize yourself thin. This can be very powerful and motivating. Think back to a time when you were thinner. Recall all the good feelings you felt at that time in your life. Remind yourself daily with positive affirmations that you will lose the weight, day by day, step by step. The mind believes what you program into it.

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