Blue Hippo Travel Site Begs You To Be Choosey

Blue Hippo Travel Site Begs You To Be Choosey
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the choosiest of them all?

Answer: Me, you and anyone else that's been traveling too much lately.

So you are at the end of your rope this month and now you have to go on yet another last minute trip. “That’s it”, you think to yourself, cursing. “If I have to shlep my bags across God's green earth and spend one more night away from home, the place better have exactly what I want and when I want it! I meant it! In fact, I am going to quit if I don’t find a place online in five minutes that has the following:

1. a spa
2. a pool (with a bar I can swim up to)
3. a beach
4. a big suite
5. a view of the ocean I can see from my bed
6. a business center that will allow me to communicate on the road
7. wifi
8. dry cleaning and laundry (because I'm not unpacked from the last trip!)
9. a gym
10. good food
11. pet friendly rooms since I don’t have time to kennel the dog
12. live music
13. a spa with outdoor massages
14. people waiting on me hand-and-foot poolside

Oh, and this place better have a 5-star rating with charm out the wazoo!! Because if I am going to spend one more minute on the road for my job, then gosh darnit, I am going to turn the evenings into 'me-time' and stretch this trip into the weekend. And the place better be ‘green’ because my carbon footprint is the size of Belize! AAAAAHHHH!!!”

Admit it. You've had this free-flowing stream of angry thoughts in one form or another as a business traveler. Maybe not with these exact demands, but you know you’ve felt this way before.

So what if you could check a box for every one of your choosey demands and have a hotel materialize in front of your face meeting them all? Well, it's here. You can have it all and are encouraged to do so! is a travel webpage designed to take the choosiest of requirements and turn them into reasonable requests.

At you simply pick your country, state and city, and start checking the boxes of amenities required to suit your every heart’s desire. Seriously, “charm up the wazoo” is a box to be checked under the amenities section. BlueHippo even comparison shops for you so you can be somewhat budget sensitive even while being the choosey maven that you are, or that your lifestyle drives you to be.

Of course, the less choosey you are, the more options available to you. The point is, however, that if you have to go to a particular destination and have some flexibility, you can search for all the things you want and need in a hotel on one website without searching page after page of hotel websites compiling a list of what one property has versus another.

For example, all of the features ranted about above were actually options on the amenities and activities lists. Check the boxes, click search, and up comes the property that matches your needs and even unreasonable demands. Yet they don’t seem unreasonable anymore when they are simply offered up to you on this service. Want an outdoor shower? Want to limit your search to hotels featured in popular travel magazines? Surfing lessons? You can search for it all in one spot.

As a business traveler BlueHippo allows you to protect your most valuable asset; your time.

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