Winnie the Pooh in Frankenpooh - Movie Review

Winnie the Pooh in Frankenpooh - Movie Review
A few weeks prior to Halloween I gather up the videos that have been stored so we can view them again. Winnie the Pooh – Frankenpooh is one of those movies I first purchased when my children on the Autism Spectrum were five and six. The video actually consists of three separate stories with the total running time at thirty-two minutes. The stories are meant to be frightfully fun and filled with treats for the viewers.

Winnie the Pooh - Frankenpooh begins with many previews of Disney videos including more Winnie the Pooh selections as well as other stories. The first segment is entitled, Monster Frankenpooh with Tigger, Rabbit and Gopher sitting around Piglet’s house while he prepares to tell a scary story about a scientist. As Piglet begins with the daytime setting of his story Tigger changes the picture to be nighttime for the added scary effect. Piglet and Tigger go back and forth creating the backdrop for the story of the scary scientist. Tigger suggests the scientist should create a monster so Doctor Von Piglet makes a Monster Pooh.

Monster Pooh is in search of honey and stomps his huge feet and body all over Rabbit’s garden and heads toward Gopher’s house. A frightened Piglet is in his home hearing the rumble through the Hundred Acre Wood knowing that the Monster Pooh is heading his way. At this point Piglet tells Tigger he does not like the story and is sorry. Rabbit explains to Piglet that he really must learn the difference between what is real and what is not. As Rabbit asks Pooh to confirm what he is saying we see Pooh is still the size of the Monster Frankenpooh.

The second segment is entitled, Things That go Piglet in the Night is about spookables and a wild goose chase. Piglet, Tigger, Owl and Pooh are swinging along in the Hundred Acre Wood while Eeyore sits near by wondering when he will ever have fun. Gopher climbs out of the ground only to get snatched up by Tigger and taken on the swing for a ride too. When Gopher complains to Tigger that he can’t get any sleep Tigger drops him back into the ground and informs the others that it is time to go home. Rabbit says he will be back first thing in the morning for his turn while Piglet is the only one left on the swing. Tigger tells him to go home because he would not want to be alone with the bumpities and spookables.

During the night there is a sound that frightens Pooh and then Tigger hears it and decides to investigate what the noise is. Piglet hears the sounds too and also sees a reflection from outside on his wall. Those watching the video can tell the sound is Eeyore and the shadow is him on the swing with his voice echoing through the Hundred Acre Wood. Piglet runs out into the night but with a sheet on him that he is unaware of. He ends up tripping on a tree and ending down the front of Pooh’s house. Pooh meanwhile is in his bed with his shotgun in hand and heads to the door to see what he thinks is a ghost. A lot of silly antics in true Pooh fashion happen until they learn it’s only Eeyore practicing his swinging skills.

The third and final segment inside Winnie the Pooh – Frankenpooh is entitled, Pooh Moon. Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit and Piglet are on a camping trip hanging around the campfire in their sleeping bags waiting for Tigger to finish the popcorn but it ends up all over the place so Gopher suggests toasting marshmallows instead. Pooh realizes as he is looking up at the moon that his honeypot is no longer full. Pooh asks Piglet if he has ever heard of a honey-moon and Piglet says it does sound familiar.

Tigger tells a ghost story that is loaded with spookables and grabme gotchas, before retiring in his sleeping bag. Rabbit announces he was not scared by that story as he lays down in his sleeping bag only to be scared by finding Piglet in it as well. It is quite dark and spooky on their camping trip says Piglet.

Pooh decides to stay up keeping Piglet company, who is taking care of the corn in case the grabme gotchas come by. Pooh thinks that the moon would fit nicely in his empty honeypot and ponders with Piglet whether there would be any honey on the moon. Pooh and Piglet eventually fall asleep in the basket of corn only to wake when the corn pops them out and moves the basket in the process.

Pooh and Piglet land far away from the others who have woken up thinking that the two have been snatched by the grabme gotchas. Piglet and pooh emerge from the muddy waters thinking they have arrived on the honey-moon. Back at the campsite, Tigger tells Rabbit they must be quiet so the spookables don’t come after them. Tigger bounces around trying to find Pooh and Piglet and runs into them. Pooh and Piglet think what they just saw was a giant moonbeam.

Rabbit tells Tigger and Gopher they are just scaring each other silly by disguising themselves with mud and tree branches. Pooh and Piglet have already fallen down into one of Gopher’s tunnels thinking they are in the moon and continue to look for moon honey. Gopher throws a ladder down the tunnel calling out to the grabme gotchas and Pooh responds thinking he will find honey.

Pooh and Piglet finally make their way back to the camp site telling the rest that they were frightened by three moon creatures that seemed to fit their descriptions when Piglet told them. Rabbit, Tigger and Gopher assumed the grabme gotchas had them and they all hugged happy to be back home.

Matthew has really enjoyed watching Winnie the Pooh - Frankenpooh over the years. The silly antics are just normal Pooh stories that will delight all youngsters for years to come.

Adapted from a previously published review on Epinions. Winnie the Pooh - Frankenpooh is available at Amazon.

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