Purble Pairs - Purble Place

Purble Pairs - Purble Place
Purble Pairs is part of the Purble Place games that come for free with Windows Vista. With Purble Pairs you are testing your memory skills in the classic tile-turning game of Memory, but with a twist.

In the game of memory, a board is set out with a grid of tiles. You can only see the backs of all the tiles. You turn over the tiles two at a time, hoping for a match. You have to build up your memory skills, to remember what tile you saw where, to be able over time to turn over matching pairs properly.

For example, here is a board -

Purble Pairs

I have already cleared away some of the tiles by matching them. The remaining tiles have clovers on them. See how one of the tiles has a golden circle on it? If you are able to match that special tile, you get a free look at the entire board!

On the left side is a timer, that counts down as you play. This encourages you to click quickly and to improve your memory skills.

Oh, and every once in a while the entire board reshuffles, requiring you to pay attention all over again to where you see objects.

This is a GREAT game for all ages. Memory is incredibly useful in life, from knowing where you parked your car to remembering important phone numbers. Every one of us could use a better memory. This game helps to improve that skill in a fun way!

Once you finish with the clover backed tiles, you move on to the heart backed tiles and so on.

there are different difficulty options to set. You can have more or fewer tiles to work with. You can have the images be very different from each other, or very similar to each other. At the hardest setting it is often challenging to pick out exactly how the images differ! Did that little person have purple hair, or green hair?

Highly recommended as a great way to improve your memory every day, to keep those little grey cells alive and active. It's free, fun, and it only takes a few minutes each day to keep your brain going strong!

NOTE: I do not think you can buy this game separately. It comes free with Vista, so if you're interested in this game, it might be time to upgrade to Vista!

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