The World is Not Enough

The World is Not Enough
The third in an increasing popular series of Bond video games, The World is Not Enough follows in the tradition of Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies. In TWiNE, you play Bond, James Bond, as he goes through the various stages of the movie. Each mission represents one section of the plot, starting from the banking building in Spain and moving onward. The missions tend to be longer and more drawn out then the movie showed, making the game last far longer than the movie did!

The graphics are stellar on this version, a big enhancement from the last two games. Bond is very realistic looking, as are the various people he meets and talks to. You interact with people in a variety of ways, from watching civilians huddle in fear to exchanging witty comments with the bad guys. And, yes, there are times that you have to pull out your P2P and start plugging holes in those who will not listen to reason.

While the game does have its shoot-it-out aspects, it is much more than a first-person shooter. It's much more like Thief, where you can find sneaky, non-violent ways around many situations. Want to get into a room? You can run in with guns blazing, taking out anyone who crosses your path. Favor a more thoughtful approach? Try running when the camera is pointing the other way, and ducking into nooks.

The tools of the trade are wonderfully done and quite useful. A fingerprint scanner lets you steal fingerprints off a coffee thermos, getting you into restricted areas. Block the metal detector with a spinning gizmo straight out of a sci-fi movie. Don't the guards notice you walking around with this thing? Sometimes it's better not to ask questions.

The cut scenes between missions are straight out of the movie, and hints help nudge you through the mission if you choose to use them. There are choices of difficulty, so you can play through on the easier level and then go back for a harder challenge. Playing well also unlocks cheats, so do your best!

In all, a great game for any action fan, available on both Nintendo-64 and Playstation.

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