How to Achieve a Scrabble Bingo

How to Achieve a Scrabble Bingo
Many novice Scrabble players may think a Scrabble bingo is nearly impossible to achieve. A Scrabble bingo is when a player uses all seven tiles to form a word. You receive a bonus of 50 points on top of the points scored for the word. It can really help your Scrabble game to score at least one bingo. With a little planning, you can use all of your tiles during a Scrabble game.

There are certain letters that are more commonly used. Remember these letters with the word STARLINE. Vowels A,E,I and consonants s,t,r,n, and l are used quite often to form words. Keeping some of these letters on reserve can help you use all of your tiles.

Keep those blank tiles as they are invaluable when trying to bingo in Scrabble. When you only need one letter to make it happen, having a blank tile is a huge help. Hang on to blank tiles since it can represent any letter. It will definitely help you achieve a bingo.

Don't be afraid to throw back hard-to-use letters especially q. You almost always need a u to go with q. This will limit your bingo chances if you cannot quickly use the q. If you have too many of the same letter, then use them as fast as your can or throw them back as well. If you cannot use them, then lose those letters even though it will cost you your turn.

Rearrange the letters in your rack. This will help you see new words. Look for common endings and beginnings to words like un, ing, and ed. Do not forget about the versatile s when trying to bingo. Making a word plural may be just the thing for a bingo.

Plan your words out carefully. Try to keep those common letters so that you have more options for a bingo. Do not hoard letters at the cost of high scoring words. It may take some time for your Scrabble strategy to really sink in. It is best to take the high scoring words when you can.

A Scrabble bingo is possible for any level player. You do not have to play in tournaments to achieve a Scrabble bingo. Just remember to keep some of your common letters and blank tiles as it will increase your chances of a bingo.

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