Dinosaur Movies Reviewed by a kid on the Autism Spectrum

Dinosaur Movies Reviewed by a kid on the Autism Spectrum
Listed in no particular order are some descriptions of Dinosaur movies by Nicholas - to the best of his memory at ten years of age.

Prehistoric Planet: Dino Dynasty I - running time is 66 minutes, Narrated by Ben Stiller - given five stars by Nicholas

Prehistoric Planet: Dino Dynasty I is available at BBC America Shop

Liopleurodon is a cool sea monster because it grows over 100 feet long and its skull is ten feet long. The Liopleurodon attacked a Ichthyosaurus. I liked when the eggs hatched from the Diplodocus, they were really cute and interesting looking.

Jurassic Park III - running time is 1 hr 33 minutes, rated PG-13 - 4 stars by Nicholas

Was very cool because it showed Spinosaurus against T Rex, where Spinosaurus won by cracking T-Rex's neck. This was better than both the first movie and second installment. This was scarey at times and awesome. The kid and parents were good at acting their parts. Although it was too long. The second favorite part was when the kid went on a bridge and got kidnapped by a Mother Pteranodon.
When Dinosaurs Roamed America - not rated, 90 minutes, 3 stars

The dinosaurs were very realistic, interesting to view because it has T Rex, Allosaurus and Dromaeosaurus.
Allosaurus - A walking with Dinosaurs special 60 minutes, not rated - 5 stars

I really like this movie because the Allosaurus had an interesting crest on his head that is red and also because the Dinosaurs look just as realistic as in Jurassic Park III. In the middle part Allosaurus chased an entire herd of Diplodocus. The Allosaurus killed and ate one of the Diplodocus. The first part showed Allosaurus chasing several Dryosaurus and also Big Al died at the end of the movie, which was the sad part.

Allosuarus is also available at BBC America
Dinotopia - 240 minutes, not rated and not able to give stars

We taped this when it was on television as a six-week mini series and then purchased the four hour video. At this point in time Nicholas cannot recall the movie, but when it aired back in 2002 he loved sitting there watching it. He was seven at the time.
Walking with Dinosaurs - a two video set, runs for 180 minutes with 6 episodes, 5 stars by Nicholas

We taped it when originally aired on Discovery channel a few years ago. We also purchased the VHS set at Discovery Channel. It just so happens that yesterday Discovery channel had a marathon of shows and this was broadcast - so Nicholas can offer an opinion based on recent viewing.

People will be fascinated by the first episode New Blood because of the creatures Coelophysis is driven to hunger in the dry season and will try to eat anything. Second episode is Time of the Titans - it shows when a mother Diplodocus gives birth to eggs and when the eggs hatch they explore a new world and try to grow up without being attacked by ferocious meat eaters, such as Ornitholestes and Allosaurus.

My favorite episode is the third one - Cruel Sea, because it shows when a mother Ophthalmosaurus gives birth to a baby and will try to protect her baby from a dangerous creature the Liopleurodon and ferocious sharks. Fourth episode - Giant of the Skies shows a Ornithocheirus travelling to an island to mate with a female. While the Ornithocheirus takes a break on his journey, he meets face to face with a Utahraptor. Fifth episode is Spirits of the Forest - it is similar to episode two and three. The last episode, Death of a Dynasty, is my ultimate favorite which shows a mother T-Rex trying to find a mate to get her eggs before the meteor hits the earth and ends the Dinosaurs.

A listing of Dinosaur movies at Discovery Store

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