Obsessed and Unfaithful--A Review

Obsessed and Unfaithful--A Review
Everyone knows that all marriages have their ups and downs. However in Devon Scott’s Obsessed and Unfaithful the mundane problems of keeping the toilet seat down, or cleaning up after yourself pale in comparison to what these two couple must go through to save their marriages and themselves.
Forget the movie, the novel “Obsessed”, by Devon Scott is sure to keep you turning pages and thinking about how one truly never knows what goes on behind closed doors.
The novel “Obsessed” focused on the “happily” married couple, Michael and Kennedy Handley. From the outside looking in, Michael and Kennedy appear to have the perfect relationship. After five years of marriage, the couple has a very fulfilling life together. They are the envy of their friends. Michael’s passion for his wife has only grown through the years and Kennedy has everything she wants in Michael. They have a wonderful son in Zack.
However, underneath their seemingly perfect middle class life, Michael and Kennedy are keeping a secret from the friends that envy their perfect marriage. Michael and Kennedy are engaging in threesomes and when this is revealed, their lives begin to rapidly unravel and nothing remains the same. Someone doesn’t like their intimate activities. The mysterious phone calls begin. The threatening e-mails start. Michael and Kennedy are now the targets of a stalker. Their once solid marriage begins to unravel from the stress and the bond they share; even their lives are now in utter jeopardy. The couple soon realizes that the only way to survive is to hold on to each other.
In “Unfaithful”, a husband’s fantasies and eventual infidelity threaten not only his marriage but everything he worked hard for all of his life.
Like most men, Ryan has fantasies. However his fantasies about his best friend’s wife Olivia begin to take over not only his mind but his life.
Ryan is smart, happily married to a beautiful and devoted woman and successful in his career. However, he is also very ambitious and is used to getting whatever he has his sights on, and he has his sights set on his friend, co-worker, and best friend’s wife, Olivia. She is a woman he cannot and should not have but his obsession for her grows. However, when Ryan does finally get his taste of the forbidden fruit he all too soon learns the sensual affair that he will now do anything to pursue is just a charade. His obsession clouds his judgment so much that the game that is being played is destined to ruin his marriage and put an end to his career.
“Obsessed” and “Unfaithful” by Devon Scott venture into territory that is not often written about which makes these books well worth a look.

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