White Christmas

White Christmas
It’s holiday laughs, dance and music when Bob and Phil, a successful singing duo are immediately smitten with Betty and Judy, a sister duo. When the four performers visit a Vermont inn run by Phil and Bob’s former Army General, they take it upon themselves to save the troubled site. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “White Christmas”.

• Bob is singing “White Christmas” at the very beginning. His thumbs are hooked over his belt and his hands are closed. During the “sleigh bells in the snow” part, the far view of him shows his index fingers pointed out. They’re back in their original position in the next close-up.

• Judy and Betty first appear in their dressing room. When Judy mentions “he could have written from Alaska”, she takes the glass coffee pot, pours two cups of coffee and then sets the pot back down. It cuts to a close-up of Judy and Betty and Judy is still holding the coffee pot.

• Bob and Phil get on the train and make their way to the club cars. Bob puts his suitcase on the floor next to the seat and puts his hat on top of it. But when the sisters arrive a few moments later, the suitcase and hat are gone.

• When they’re at the table in the club car on the train, Betty is sitting next to Bob. She has a glass next to the little green tree and she’s stirring it with a straw. After she says they’re going to Vermont, it cuts to a wider view of Bob, Phil and Judy. Betty’s glass isn’t on the table and the spoon on Bob’s left is now upside down. It cuts back to Bob and Betty and her glass is back and the spoon is back to its original position. Also, during the scene, the menu is on its side in front of the window. As they start to sing “Snow”, it’s upright on the table.

• During the minstrel show rehearsal, Betty has a red tambourine that she places in the white chair when it’s her time to sing. But when she’s singing with Bob and Phil, the tambourine is on the floor under the chair.

• Bob is talking to Betty at night when he brings out the plate of sandwiches. In the close-up, he takes the pitcher and pours the milk in the glass. He sets the pitcher down and picks up the glass of milk in his right hand. It cuts to a far view and he puts the pitcher down and picks up the glass again.

“White Christmas” (1954) stars Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera Ellen and Dean Jagger. It runs 120 minutes and is unrated.

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