Intex Jumpolene

Intex Jumpolene
We were very excited when the box arrived from the UPS man and I was not sure how ready I was to start the pumping process. I decided to wait while my kids were at school and I had to rearrange my living room since this is where the Intex Jump-O-Lene was going to stay. The process actually took a couple of days since my kids liked playing around in it before I had it fully inflated.

There are three air chambers on the yellow side that are not numbered. The bottom has one close to the middle that is labeled 3. Located on the other side are numbers 1 and 2. Number 2 should be inflated only 2/3 of the way. This section is the teal green color. I was so enthusiastic at first that I started with the side ones and when I got to the bottom saw the number 3 and realized I had to pick the whole thing up. It was time to deflate and take a break. The deflating process did not take that long and I had to turn it all over and work from number 1. When you get to chamber number 3 you will feel the difference underneath you by the firmness of numbers 1 and 2.

I found it easier to step inside with the pump to get number 3 inflated but was outside the structure for the other chambers. It is a bit awkward to get the last one pumped. So by the time my kids were home from school I did not have the side three chambers filled. They could not wait to pounce on this thing.

There are a few variations and levels to the Intex Jump-O-Lene. Once the side sections are inflated it is used as a built-in ledge for resting during play. Before the sides were inflated my youngest son liked to lean up against the sides and have me move the balls around him inside there for some physical play. Any occupational therapist will tell you this is perfectly suited for autistic kids and those with sensory issues.

When Nicholas was seven he was assisting with the pumping duties and we had the Intex Jump-O-Lene to the full size that same evening. The first few months due to over excitement the bottom number 3 chamber would open up. This is located right where my son plays and he would do this accidentally. The 1 and 2 chambers are what make the bouncy part when they are inflated, as they are separate bouncing cushions. Both Nicholas and Matthew would play ball back and forth on opposite sides of the Intex Jump-O-Lene.

There is a weight limit at 120 pounds with two kids being the maximum allowed at one time inside the Intex Jump-O-Lene. The recommended age group is from three to seven. This is made of super-tough vinyl with no rips or tears thus far. The shipping weight is twenty-one pounds and the price to ship this was almost twenty dollars. Take into consideration acquiring a pump and balls to go with this. The picture posted is of Matthew and Nicholas inside the Intex Jumpolene. Since there is no shade in front of our house, dogs and cats around the neighborhood, having this inside is more suitable for our needs.

My kids have their own playground here with a deluxe aerobic trampoline positioned near the Intex Jump-O-Lene for jumping into the bouncing toy. One of then can be on the trampoline while the other is competing in the Intex Jump-O-Lene. My son was thrilled to show a friend how to jump in there, but it was too difficult for this other boy to coordinate doing.

This Intex Jump-O-Lene is huge, measuring 82” in diameter and 28 inches high when inflated. This is also perfect for when my son needs to calm down and can rest inside for a few minutes when he comes home from school. Even when the sides have deflated and I am too lazy to pump all three chambers, it is still a feasible place to sit among the toys. This provides proprioceptive and vestibular input for my sons and lets them let off some steam at the same time.

For outdoor use I would think if you had a screened in porch or garage area for play this might work, otherwise a large living room, spare bedroom or basement would work out well. Our living space is designed to meet the needs of both my sons on the Autism Spectrum with areas separated for reading, working, relaxing and jumping around.

There are some precautions to take note when considering purchasing the Intex Jump-O-Lene. This should not be placed near stairwells, swimming pools, sharp objects or balconies and not to be placed on concrete. Since we use it indoors shoes are never worn while playing inside or bouncing. The box shows the kids barefoot using this so I would imagine if placing this outdoors that the shoes would be removed beforehand. The kids even have their jeans rolled up so that they would not trip over long bottoms. This is not for use in or around water or snow and not to be used as a bed or between a wall.

The warnings are printed on the bottom level of the structure in fifteen languages. This is only one paragraph. The Intex Jump-O-Lene is made in China. Adult supervision is suggested and the rules should be followed so that there are no broken bones or injuries to the children. It would appear that this could fit up to four hundred balls, by my estimation.

At times the noise is a bit too much when my kids go in there and jump into the balls or just move around inside, but they are having fun and that is what matters most.

Adapted from a review previously published on Epinions

We purchased this in December of 2001 and gave it away to another family through Craigslist March of 2005 when I purchased a stationary bike and needed space.

We did purchase the pump to inflate this and other items in our household. The balls are worth getting at the same time.

Matthew had an obsession with the pump for quite awhile. In fact he would blow the air through the nose since he busted one that led to purchasing another pump for actual use on items. A few years ago when going to a mediation appointment at the court house I brought along the pump and not one person questioned this item as it went through the metal detector. When Matthew started feeding thearpy the removal of the pump was a goal that was achieved. I kept it in an overhead closet for a long time - just in case and recently tossed it out for good.

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