New Annuals for 2007

New Annuals for 2007
For 2007, a number of excellent annual flowers will be available for the landscape.

Territorial Seeds has several new flower varieties. Cameo Elegance morning glory is bound to attract attention. The fuchsia colored blooms have contrasting white centers. These are beautifully displayed against the gorgeous, variegated foliage in shades of cream and light green. These vines are small enough to grow in container gardens and hanging baskets.

As a cool season flower, snapdragons can’t be beat. Renee’s Garden is introducing Chantilly Butterfly snapdragon. Very floriferous, the bushy plants have tall flower spikes with full bodied, classically shaped snapdragon blooms. The seed mix has flowers in a rich range of colors from coral pink and soft yellow to deep apricot and pastel peach.

For 2007, Renee’s is also introducing Heirloom Pepperbox Poppy. The delightful thing about these is that you’ll get to enjoy the vibrant, eye-catching flowers and harvest a crop of edible poppy seeds that are borne in ornamental pods. The blossoms come in a range of colors from light pink-lavender to rose red and deeper purple.

If you’re looking for unusual, attention getting blooms, Dreadlocks Amaranthus is just the thing. Being introduced by Park Seed these statuesque plants grow to four feet in height. This will be a great choice for mixed borders. In addition, Dreadlocks would make a wonderful annual flowering hedges for full sun. The name Dreadlocks refers to the unique dreadlock-like flower clusters. These can be up to three feet in length. They are dark maroon-red.

Another striking annual for 2007 is Live Wire Isolepis. For mixed planters, you won’t find anything better. In fact, this is versatile enough to use indoors. With a grass-like appearance, the plant forms a billowing mound to eight inches in height. The grass-like foliage is pale green. Live Wire is named for the remarkable flower spikes that resemble strands of fiber optic.

Ornamenal peppers are great choices for annual flower beds and borders. For 2007, there’s Garda Hocus Pocus. With a mounding growth habit, these grow to over 1½ feet in height. This has attractive, dark green leaves that display the brightly colored fruits to perfection. Around 1½ inches long, the beautifully shaped conical fruits start out as white and ripen to dark orange.

In addition to Garda Hocus Pocus, there’s another new ornamental pepper, the Chilly Chili ornamental pepper. It is being introduced by Territorial Seeds. This has mild sweet peppers. These ripen from yellowish-green to orange and fiery red. With all of these being present at the same time, this makes a gorgeous garden display. Less than a foot in height, Chilly Chili will be very suitable for containers and annual flower beds. The bushy plants have a rounded shape.

All of these plants mentioned here can be grown from seeds.

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