Make your Own Taboo Cards

Make your Own Taboo Cards
Making your own Taboo cards can add a lot to your game. Maybe you have played the word game so many times that the clues are no longer hard to guess. Change up the game by making your own cards and challenging your fellow players with a whole new set of clues.

Listing your Taboo Cards

Before you can make Taboo cards, you first need to brainstorm a list of clues and then think of the five best words that describe that object. These will be the taboo words that players cannot use when trying to get their team to guess the clue. If you are having trouble thinking of words, first think of subjects. Then from each subject think of a related word. For example, if the subject was sports you might think of golf. Then think of five words that best describe golf. You might put ball, club, tee, fairway, course. Having the subject as a starting point can help you think of clues.

Make Taboo Cards on Your Computer

If you have a computer and a printer, then you can make your own Taboo cards. Open a word processor. It would even be possible to use a spreadsheet program since we will be drawing a table to help layout the words on the page.

Make a three column by seven row table. One the first row, put your clue. Skip a row and then put one taboo word on each line. You will have five taboo words for each clue. You can format the table anyway you want. Take away the outline if you do not wish to print the lines. You will want to format the clue in a larger font so that it stands out from the taboo words. Leave a line between the clue and the taboo words for separation purposes.

Before you print, make sure all of your clues and taboo words fit onto one page. If not then you may have to add a page break or carriage return to get the table to move down to the next page. Use the back of the page to print more Taboo cards. Then cut out your cards with scissors or a paper cutter.

Make Taboo Cards with Pen and Paper

You can easily make Taboo cards with just a pen and paper. You might want to use a ruler to draw off your cards. Write your clues and taboo words on each card. Leave a little space between the clue and the words. Cut our your cards with either scissors or a paper cutter.

Making your own Taboo cards can help you get more enjoyment from your Taboo game. It can also be a fun exercise to help reinforce school lessons for children. You can really personalize the game of Taboo by using your own cards.

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