Ornament Dolls

Ornament Dolls
These two dolls can be made at any time of the year but their small size and quick completion make them perfect choices to make as ornaments for holiday decorating.

Handkerchief Doll


one handkerchief, the size of the handkerchief will determine the size of your doll, about 12 inches square is perfect.

matching thread,

small amount of polyfill or a tiny foam ball

small amounts of trim such as ribbon, lace, wire ribbon, raffia, fine wire

hot glue gun and glue sticks

If your handkerchief has lace trim so much the better, but it's not necessary. Fold the handkerchief in half, right sides together. Hand or machine stitch the 2 sides from the bottom to about 3/4 of the way up toward the fold. Stitch as close as possible to the hem. Turn right side out. Tie a knot at each folded corner, halfway between the corner and the center of the fold. This forms the arms, pull the end through to form the hands.

Gather the center of the original fold and stuff with a small ball of polyfill or the foam ball. Tie tightly under the stuffing, with matching thread, to form the head. Clip the ends of the thread close to the knot.

For hair you can glue a small amount of polyfill, yarn or craft moss to the head if desired. The face can be left blank or drawn in with colored pencil, I prefer them blank.

Cut a short length of wire ribbon, rickrack or fine gauge wire and shape it into a circle for a halo, glue it to the head. Tie a 12 inch to 15 inch length of raffia in a bow and open the loops of the bow to make wings. Glue the wings to the back of the doll at the shoulders.

Attach a wire ornament hook to the back of the doll at the shoulders or head to hang on your tree. Another option is to make several dolls and hot glue them to wide ribbon or other purchased garland to decorate it and make it original.

Corn Husk Dolls

10 corn husks
large bowl of water
string or heavy thread, embroidery floss would also work

Corn husks are available in bags at craft stores and grocery stores. Corn husk dolls are easy to make and give a real country feel to your holiday decorating.

Soak the husks in the bowl of water until soft and pliable. (One reader sent me a tip, to keep the husks pliable add an eigth of a cup of glycerin to the water.) Take 4 husks and pile them on top of each other with all the pointed ends at the same side. Tie them together tightly, at eh pointed end. Take 2 husks in each hand and fold them over so that the tied ends are inside the husks like you were turning the pile of husks inside out.

Gather the husks close to the top fold, right under the tied endsand tie tightly around the outside. This forms the head.

To make the arms, take another husk and flatten it out. Cut off the pointed end so that both ends are straight. Roll the husk tightly, jelly roll style, starting on one of the long sides. Tie close to each end of the roll to form the hands. Slide the roll up the center of the body, with 2 husks in front and 2 in back, until it is right under the head. Make sure the hands are sticking out on the sides.

Tie around the body husks to shape the waist and hold the arms in place. To shape the shoulders take another husk and wrap it around the back of the neck, crossing over the chest and tie at the waist as well. Your doll is complete. You can tie a bit of ribbon at the neck and waist to decorate it if you like. Glue a wire hook to the back to hang. Enjoy!

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