Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader
Follow The Leader starts with one card flipped over. That will be the lead card. Your aim is to mimic the suit sequence of that card. You will find the suit sequence by turning the rest of the deck over three cards at a time.

Let's say you flipped over the Jack of Clubs. Place that card in the upper left hand corner of the table. This is the card that you need to copy. All other Jacks that turn up need to be copied by the other cards in the deck. As the game states, follow the leader, suit by suit.

By three's, flip over the next set of cards. You are either looking for another Jack or you are looking for more clubs. Turn the deck over by three's. Any clubs that come up, place them on the table until another Jack comes up; that will be the suit to add on to your other cards once you find the associated club card.

You started this game with the Jack of Clubs. Perhaps you get lucky and the next three cards you turned up were the Jack of Hearts, followed by the Jack of Spades, and then the Jack of Diamonds.

From this point forward, you'll want to find all the clubs as they are the starter card for each rank of cards. Once you find a club of a certain number, you will look for hearts, followed by spades, then diamonds. The object is to lay down all 52 cards in the deck in order of the lead card.

The example this article is using: clubs, hearts, spades, and then diamonds. You cannot lay down the last suit of a card sequence until the lead card has it laid down to follow. In this case, maybe we had not found the Jack of Diamonds right away and it was still in the deck. You could not lay down any diamond on any other card until the Jack has a diamond.

Let's say after the first run through, you have showing on the table; the 3 of clubs, the 4 of clubs, the 5 of clubs and hearts (you got the second card), and the 10, Q, and King of clubs. On the second run through, you are looking for any more clubs that may come up, along with hearts and hopefully some spades.

Since you are turning over the cards in threes, the positions of the remaining cards will always shift. You may be a strategist and decide to hold off on laying a card down toward the end; in hopes of getting a more favorable card for play the next time around. Will the strategy work, or will it backfire?


There is no such thing as shuffling and redealing in this game.

You can turn the deck over by three as long as many times as you need.

If the lead card has only three suits up on the table and you know what the fourth suit will be; you cannot lay it down on the other cards until the lead card shows that fourth suit.

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