Snowflake Patterns

Snowflake Patterns
I love graphing out geometric designs and have been doing quite a bit of lately. This is how I graph out snowflakes.
This is the blank graph we are going to use.

You see how it has guidelines dividing the graph into 6 parts? What you are going to do is follow just one of the guide lines to put in one side of your snowflake. If you are doing it in a graphics program, increase color depth to millions of color and just flood fill the beads you want to color individually. If you are using colored pencils, I'd advise using a pencil and making a small easily erasable mark in the beads you want to be white so you can erase it later.

Mark the first side of your snowflake.

It's marked in blue. I skipped the center bead, then worked out from there.

Move one section over, and counting the beads and following the guidelines mark it to match the first section.

See how I did it? It's at a different angle, so it seems like it wouldn't work, but just count the beads and match it up to the counts on the first section, like this was skip the center bead, 2 beads then a bead on either side of the line, then 2 more beads and so forth.
Continue marking all the way around, matching up each side. If you are using pencils, when you're done, color in the unmarked beads with your background colors and erase the pencil marks that marked your snowflake. If your using a graphic program, use the fill tool to recolor the beads.

That's how to graph a snowflake!
A few in size 8 hexes would make gorgeous ornaments or package tie ons, do them in delicas for pins or combine a few to make a bracelet, in 14s they make gorgeous earrings.
Make them intentionally "mismatched" because no two snowflakes are alike and see how long it takes someone to notice!

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