Knowbody Knows - A Revealing Party Game

Knowbody Knows - A Revealing Party Game
Knowbody Knows is a fun new game that is quite different than any other game. Players make guesses about random facts regarding each other's personalities and attributes.

Game play is simple and very fun. The game comes with question cards that say things like "How many hours per month does ___ spend on the phone?" and "As a kid, how many times did ___ get grounded?". Players pre-designate 12 people before the game and their names are written on a sheet numbered 1 through 12. They list themselves, and it's okay if they list themselves more than once. To fill in the remaining numbers, they list people that everyone in the group knows or is familiar with (like Grandma, an absent friend, the President, etc.). On each turn, a 12-sided die is rolled to determine which player the question will be asked about.

Then each player writes down their guess on a slip of paper. Slips are provided, and each one is color-coded so you can tell them apart. The player with the median guess wins the point, and they get to move their playing peg forward on the board. The median, for those of you who don't remember, is the number in the very middle between the highest guess and the lowest guess.

This is a wonderful game for parties among friends and family, although some of the questions aren't really appropriate for kids (some of them involve things like hangovers or other potentially objectionable things). If you wanted to play with kids, it's entirely possible, just go through the question card decks ahead of time and sweep out the objectionable questions.

This game is as much fun for friends who know each other well as it is for people who are just getting introduced. It can be funny to see what people would guess about you (for example, someone I didn't know guessed that it takes me an hour to get ready for work in the morning.... I work at home, often in my pajamas... it takes me no time to get ready most mornings!). I can highly recommend it for adult social gatherings.


GAME BOX INCLUDES: Plastic Peg-Style Playing Board, 8 Playing Pegs, 8 Sharpened Pencils, 8 Different Colored Guess Slip Notepads, Pad of Name Sheets (Numbered 1-12 on each page), 12-sided Die, Question Cards.

YOU'LL NEED: Nothing


TRY IF YOU LIKE: There's nothing quite like it, but it is a party game so try it if you like Cranium, Quelf or Rigamarole.

PERFECT FOR: A getting-to-know you drinking game; a party with friends or family

RATING: Four and a half way-off-the-mark guesses out of Five.

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