Nip Tuck Season 3 Finale

Nip Tuck Season 3 Finale
The season finale of Nip/Tuck on Tuesday night did not disappoint. Viewers were treated to two hours chock full of drama. But most importantly, The Carver was revealed!

Most devoted fans of the show suspected that Dr. Quentin Costa (played by Bruno Campos) was The Carver. It was too coincidental that Quentin appeared just as the carvings began. In the second hour of the finale, those crazy kids at FX Networks tried to manipulate us into believing that Quentin was not The Carver, but instead another victim, after showing him tied to his bed with those signature wounds on his face. Quentin then shared his sob story about his congenital defect and his difficult youth, convincing Sean and Christian to perform his surgery.

Since The Carver was revealed early in the second episode, there had to be a catch. Was Quentin really The Carver or would someone else be exposed in the final seconds of the show, forcing us to hold our collective breath until next season? Nope, turns out he did it—all of the carvings, taunting messages, even the murder of Rhea Reynolds. So what was the catch?

Kit was his accomplice and kid sister!

That’s right, Detective Kit McGraw, the key person pursuing The Carver this season. It turns out she was in on it the entire time! After shooting Quentin (whose body was nicely wrapped in bulletproof material), Kit told Christian and Sean the story of her and Quentin’s upbringing. Of course, she failed to identify herself. Instead she told a story of Quentin and Violet, siblings born with birth defects subjecting them to a life of ridicule and shame in this self-absorbed world.

They set out on a carving spree, in the most narcissistic region in the U.S.: Miami—home of the beautiful bodies and the plastic surgeons that create them. Their plan was to rid the world of beauty, one plastic surgeon/plastic surgery recipient at a time.

Later, Sean and Christian visited a convent where a nun showed a picture of Quentin and his little sis Katherine, a.k.a. Kit.

The show ended with Kit removing a still-alive-Quentin from his body bag, and the both of them traipsing off to Malaga, Spain, perhaps to carve internationally?

Recap of other highlights:
•Matt proved he has a heart: He encouraged his dad (Sean, not Christian) to perform reconstructive surgery on Cherry Peck, the transgender woman he beat up.

•Quentin and Liz were Carver suspects: Both were brought in for questioning. Quentin, because he was the most obvious suspect, and Liz, just to throw viewers off. Plus, both had access to carving tools, prescription drugs, and other unsavory Carver paraphernalia.

•Ariel and her dad are psychotic extremists: After running into Matt and Cherry at the mall, Ariel mistakenly assumes that Matt is bisexual. She later tricks him into getting in her car, where her dad takes him, (and later Cherry) hostage. In his basement, he torments the two both verbally and physically, and dismisses Ariel after she tells him he’s gone too far. Finally, the dad takes them out to a field, at gunpoint, orders Matt to bury his friend alive. The tables turn and Cherry shoots him. Or does she?

•Christian and Kimber are over: Ironically, the couple most obsessed with appearances breaks up due to The Carver. Thanks to his undoing of all of Kimber’s plastic surgeries, she decided that yes, beauty is a curse and Christian’s career contributes to that. Therefore, she ended it. But only after she got a new face lift, breast implants, collagen injections, etc.

•Sean and Julia are an item yet again: Julia gets news about her pregnancy—we never find out what it is. But whatever it is, it forces her to reconsider moving back in with Sean, which she agrees to at the end of the program.

The finale ended with no teasers for the next season. But after Nip/Tuck’s most dramatic season yet, and drawing in 5.7 million viewers for the season finale, I only have one question: Where do they go from here?

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