Can Bisexuals Have Monogamous Relationships

Can Bisexuals Have Monogamous Relationships
What is bisexuality? Webster’s dictionary defines it as a description of a man or woman that has a sexual orientation to persons of either or both genders. In our culture people are typically stereotyped into a standard of categories used to describe a persons sexual orientation, commonly referred to as straight or gay. Going right along with first impressions such as if someone is attractive, dresses well, is polite or rude, being gay or straight is more often than not an assumption made when first meeting someone.

Bisexuality doesn’t really fit into the stereotypical categories of gay or straight. Therefore the topic of bisexuality can often be confusing, and at times, a tad touchy. Bisexual people are often criticized by the gay and lesbian community that they cannot choose if they want to be with a man or a woman, and by the straight community that they are just going through a phase. Which is not entirely false.

Looking at society as a whole there are periods of time when everyone’s life and sexual preferences change. We all go through a transitional phase on our journey of self discovery, so that we are able to confidently identify ourselves to others. The development of a sexual identity is an ongoing process that, for some, may last an entire lifetime. The problem with a social acceptance of bisexual individuals does not rest with the identification of a persons bisexuality, it is the way that the media and society portray bisexuals as overly sexual and promiscuous people who cannot be fully satisfied unless they have lovers of both genders.

The idea that bisexual people cannot have a monogamous relationship is utter nonsense. They do not need to be involved with a man and a woman simultaneously. Being monogamous is a choice that every person, gay, straight or bi, makes for themselves. Most bisexuals that choose to be in a committed relationship, choose at that time to be gay or straight. A bisexual woman might be in a relationship with a man and identify herself as straight for years while they are together, and then later identify herself as a lesbian when she has a relationship with a woman.

A quote from “The L Word” sums it up quite nicely…”When you’re gay, you’re gay. When you’re straight, you’re straight.” How much more simpler could you put it! Relationships with bisexuals don’t need to be as complicated as they might seem. Love is what it is, it knows no gender, and like all relationships it takes effort and patience to blossom into something great.

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