Twilight -- eBook Review

Twilight -- eBook Review
eBook Review

Book Title: Twilight
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Published: 2005
# of Pages: 434


Bella Swan is a seventeen-year-old teenager living in Arizona with her mom. She has decided to live with her father while her mom travels with her new husband. Bella's father lives in the small overcast, wet town of Forks, Washington. She does not enjoy anything wet or cold, so her expectation of living in Forks is grime.

Arriving in Forks Bella finds that everyone already knows who she is and are quite excited about meeting her. Sitting with her new friends she sees the Cullen family sitting alone and asks about them. Instantly she is immediately drawn to them, especially Edward Cullen. The Cullen family seems to be outsiders even though they have lived in Forks for two years. Bella finds them attractive and mysterious.

Almost immediately Bella and Edward meet. Edward ignores her and acts as if she is causing him pain. This propels Bella to demand answers from Edward. After a few days of being absent Edward reappears and strikes up a dialogue with Bella. The attraction is instant. Bella notices things about Edward that causes her to question him as no one has ever questioned him before. Do you wear contacts? How did you get to me so fast? Why shouldn't we be friends?

As the plot progresses Bella discovers that Edward is a cold one, a vampire. Edward explains that he is not exactly like other vampires. She is not afraid. She sees Edward as beautiful. She has fallen hopelessly and irrevocably in love with him. Her life changes forever.

Edward has been waiting for Bella more than 90 years. His deep love for her is a complete surprise, a delight and a struggle. He experiences emotions he thought we long dead. He craves her blood like no one else and the mere scent of her causes his hunger for her blood to rise.

While they are building an improbable relationship together, danger finds Bella and the Cullen family playing baseball. Bella is now hunted by a ‘bad' vampire. Edward and his family vow to protect her at all costs, because she has now become part of the Cullen family, because of Edward's love for her. The ‘bad' vampire, James, hunts Bella finding her in Arizona where she had run to with Alice and Jasper. When James catches up with her a lethal confrontation ensues. She is bitten. With venom running through her veins, Edward has to make the hardest decision he has ever made. Does he suck the venom out, believing him strong enough to stop ~ OR ~ Does he allow the venom spread so she will become a vampire?


The Twilight book is fantastic. Not many books that I have read have captivated me as Twilight has. It is a love story. A beautiful love story about how wonderful love is supposed to be. We see unconditional and selfless love coming from Edward as he struggles to put Bella before every need and desire he has. We see acceptance and respect coming from Bella as she struggles to understand and put Edward before her deepest desires and wants.

Marketed as ‘Young Adult' you will find Twilight much more far reaching. While reading you forget their age and focus mainly on the love they exhibit so easily. No blood and guts, as in most vampire books. So readers afraid of vampires will be pleasantly surprised.

Bella is telling the entire story from her perspective. This causes the reader to long for more information about the Cullens', Edward in particular. We only see what Bella knows and feels. As the novel progresses you find yourself calling the Cullens the ‘good' vampires. You long to know more about each of them, especially Jasper who is the newest ‘vegetarian' of the family.

The author draws you in with her expressive and detailed style of writing. You come to feel like you have visited Forks and have met her friends. You find yourself falling in love with each individual character as their individual personalities are revealed. You find yourself hoping against the overwhelming odds that Bella and Edward find a path to remain together even though the romance is improbable.

There is one serious drawback to the story. When you come to the end, you will not be ready for the story to be over. You will quickly find yourself running out to the nearest bookstore for then following book in the saga. So my personal advice is to buy all four books in the Twilight series before you begin reading!

Finally, the Twilight eBook is perfect for traveling, but you will want both. You will want the eBook set and hardback editions for your bookshelf.


Kathryn Free
PDA/eBook Reader Editor

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