WarCraft 3: Reign Of Chaos Review

WarCraft 3: Reign Of Chaos Review
wc3I was a HUGE fan of WarCraft I when it came out. Blizzard proved through the years, with WarCraft II, StarCraft and other games, that they listened to feedback well, and could craft a great gaming experience. That's why, when WarCraft III kept getting delayed, I knew it would be well worth the wait.

It definitely is! Blizzard had hoped to combine the fun of strategy gaming with the personality of RPGs. They did this very nicely, with stunning graphics and sound that really draw you into the action.

First, the strategy. WarCraft III has all the traditional elements - mining for gold, chopping down trees, building houses and barracks and so on. You have to manage your resources wisely and construct your force to meet the mission at hand - whether it's a long trek across unknown terrain or the defense of a town.

Next, there's the role-playing. We're not talking EverQuest level RPG, but more a 'personalization' of the troops. Instead of having just a mindless horde of 3 type As plus 8 type Bs going into battle, you have Jaina, the young spellcaster who is on a mission. Or you have Arthas, the paladin who hopes to keep back the tide of attackers. The Heroes have special abilities, can gain strength and powers as they go. It gives you extra incentive to hunt out those special extra missions, to build up your heroes so they are even more powerful in subsequent levels.

Finally, there are the stunning graphics. Sure, graphics aren't everything. But when a game is fun to start with and then has gorgeous cut-scenes with dandelion fluff floating across rippling meadows, and birds with feathers that rustle in the wind, you really get drawn into the world. You start to care about the interaction of the various groups, and as they talk about their concerns and fight with their enemies, you begin to root for them.

Even beyond that, the multiplayer and custom game capabilities make this a game you'll play for months after you exhaust every built in campagaign.
Highly, highly recommended for any computer gaming fan!

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