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Exotic Pet Newsletter
There just doesn't seem to be anything free anymore with no strings attached. You are also wary about giving out your email address, or any personal information. However, there is one thing you can rely on for sure, the Exotic Pets Newsletter. It really is free. You can feel safe in knowing your information will not be given nor sold to anyone - ever!

Why would you want the Exotic Pets Newsletter? Because you would be the first to know when there are new articles, breaking exotic pet news, photos, and other content. Since you now know how safe it is to subscribe to the Exotic Pets Newsletter why don't you check out some of the other BellaOnline’s editors and take a gander at their newsletters as well.

Not only is subscribing to the Exotic Pets Newsletter free and safe, it is also very easy. Go down to the bottom of this article …… down a little further, enter your email address in the little box and push subscribe. You will find the subscribe box on the bottom of each and every article. Don't forget to reply to the test newsletter email.

You can expect your newsletter once a week. There may be a special newsletter but that would be a rare occurrence. This would be an emergency or a breaking news or news item I see as very important, such as exotic pet disease outbreak, recall, or something of that nature.

You may recognize my name or rapidly aging face, which is because I started with BellaOnline way back around 2000-2001 toward the beginning of 2006 life put a few bumps in the road, after polishing out all the bumps we moved to South Dakota. No, the bumps were not on my head and yes I know it is cold in South Dakota.

The people are delightful, houses are inexpensive. AND, skunks and ferrets are legal in South Dakota. I also always had this dream of owning a huge, old, historical home….and I realized my dream. Soon as I get the Exotic Pets site up to my standards I will post some before and after pictures. My dream is a bit nightmarish because huge, old historical homes are a bottomless pit when it comes to renovation and repairs. Before and after pictures of the new house are located in the Exotic Pets Forum

I look forward to starting new contests. Were any of you around when we had the jar of pickles as a prize? You should have seen my hubby's face when he returned from the post office. "Do you know how much it costs to mail a jar of pickles?" Those contests were fun and my head is just percolating with new ideas.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. If you have a suggestion or a question you can email me from Click here to contact me

Click on my name where you will find my personal bio, scroll down a bit and you fill find the email form. You can also get a lot of feedback from the Exotic Pets Forum. I think you will find it both fun and beneficial.

Make sure you put bellaonline.com on your "safe list," I would hate for anyone to not see their newsletter when it arrived, while it sits all lonely in your spam folder. Speaking of spam, you will never, ever receive spam from BellaOnline; unless of course, it is a can of spam given out in a contest. Rarely, a person unassociated with BellaOnline may pick up one of those worms that send out to everyone on their mailing list. This is part of the Internet and can’t always be avoided. If it should ever happen I apologize in advance. I keep my computer so well protect I double dare any virus or worm to attempt to live in my machine. You have heard of Praying mantises being great for garden pests’ right???

I love an active forum. When I am at my computer I always have the forum open and my email open. I flourish on forum discussion. If you had any idea how much I love to hear from you all, especially in the forum you would drop by more often. I also love your email and answer as soon as I am aware it is in my inbox. My auto responder says no longer than two days, I usually get back to you close to immediately. In the summer, we do go camping. I will let you know before we leave. I also bought a used Mercury Cruiser 18 ft. inboard boat right when the snow started flying. I can’t wait to get it out on the water the first time! During the winter I am usually glued to my computer.Exotic Pets Forum

Please feel free to foreword this on to your friends, family and neighbors as well as any newsletter you receive or have received. Just tell them to look at the bottom of any article or to the right of the main Exotic Pets page so that they too can subscribe.

If you have enjoyed my exotic pet articles I know you will enjoy my brand new EBook. Ferrets: A Complete Guide is an EBook for novice ferret owners, experienced ferret owners, and people that are considering a ferret for the first time. Great as a reference guide or a standalone care book for ferrets.
Ferrets: A Complete Guide
Easy download, instant access, and inexpensive for one of the best books available on ferrets! This is also a way to help support Exotic Pets BellaOnline. We donate our time and BellaOnline is a non-profit site, all revenue except for expenses (servers and whatnot - no salaries period!) is donated to charity. Paypal and credit cards! Only $3.99, big savings when books don’t have to be printed, also saves our natural resources!

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