Ages 12 to Adult

Players 2 -6

Playing Time 20 minute

Scattergories is a classic game that is all about quick thinking. Scattergories makes a great party game since you can always play as teams if you have more than six players.

Each player is given a scattergories pad that has three columns with 12 numbered lines. The pad is placed inside a pad holder along with a category card. Each category has a corresponding number. It's important that players keep up with which numbered column is being played during a round. Getting ready to play consists of giving everyone a pad, category card, and a pencil.

Someone rolls the special 20-sided die to begin the first round. The letter rolled is the key letter for this round. The player who rolled the die lets all the other players know the letter she rolled. Next, make sure everyone knows which category number to use for their answers. Set the special Scattergories timer and begin the round.

Players look at the 12 category list and try to come up with answers that begin with the key letter. If the key letter is "t" and one of the 12 category lists is "one of the 50 states," then Texas or Tennessee would be an appropriate answer. Players work through each category as fast as they can. When the buzzer sounds, put down your pencils.

Now it's time to score the round. Players share their answers for each of the 12 categories. If your answer matches another player's answer, then no points are scored. To score points, your answer must be unique. When you have an answer that no one else has, circle or make note of that on your list. Write the number of points you scored at the top of the column.

Players play two more rounds the same way with someone rolling the 20-sided die then setting the timer. Compare answers and score points. After three rounds, add up all of your points from the three rounds. The person with the highest total wins the game.

Scattergories can be a lot of fun to play with a large group since there will be more answers given to each question. There are also different versions of Scattergories tailored for different audiences. Scattergories Bible Edition and Catholic Edition have been used in Sunday School lessons. Scattergories Junior is meant for a younger audience and is a simplified version of the classic game.

Scattergories can be entertaining, educating, and enlightening. Learn more about your friends and have a great time doing it with this fast playing party game.

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