Hedbanz for Kids

Hedbanz for Kids
Am I something you eat? Do I have wheels? Do I have four legs? You will ask these questions and many others in the game Hedbanz as you try to figure out what you are before time runs out. It sounds simple enough, but Hedbanz is quite challenging.

Up to six players can play this "What am I?" guessing game. Each player straps an adjustable plastic headband to their hand. Then they place a card in the front slit without looking at it. Now everyone can see what you are except you. On your turn, you will turn over the sand clock timer. Then try to ask as many yes or no questions you can that will help you figure out what you are. There are some cheat cards with commonly asked questions. You cannot ask "What am I?"

Each player begins the game with three coins. When you guess correctly, you get to give back a coin. The first player who gets rid of all of their coins wins the game. If you get stuck on a card, then you can give up and get a new card. There is a penalty; you must take an extra coin.

The downside is there are only 74 cards. You can reuse cards in future games. The could speed up the game since everyone has a good idea of what is in the deck. Each card does depict a picture of the item, so it is a good game for young children who are not reading yet.

The sand clock timer is 45 seconds - which is not a lot of time. Some kids might focus more on the ticking seconds than trying to ask questions. You can always make a house rule not to use the sand time and give a little more time for each round.

Hedbanz is a lot harder than you may think. It can be challenging to figure out what you are. You may want to instill your own house rules and offer one clue to the person especially if this is their second round with the same card. This is a quick and easy game for family night.

We bought Hedbanz for our family game night

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