Slim Pickings?

Slim Pickings?
Hello, and welcome back! Our weather is turning hot and sultry again this week, so it's a good thing I got my gardening in last week when it was a bit cooler. Now the weeds cropping up now aren't in danger of extinction again until at least the end of the week. Which means I could spend more time reading as I stay cool inside with the a/c running. Except I'm having a hard time finding books right now that appeal to me. What about you?

Last summer, the word from the editors at the RWA conference was that historicals weren't doing so hot, so they were only buying from established authors. They also wanted more of the "chick lit" type stories along the lines of "Bridget Jones." But what about what romance readers want? I'm beginning to hear complaints from readers who're disappointed with the books they're finding in stores now, readers who want their favorite stories back, whether it's historical or paranormal. They're disappointed with fave authors who're switching genres. Mostly, they're disappointed that they can't find appealing romances, and right now, I have to agree.

Recently, I picked up a new erotic romance by an author whose work I'd previously enjoyed very much--heck, I have all of her books--and I was extremely disappointed with it. Maybe it's just me; perhaps my reading tastes have changed. I still find the author herself delightful when I get to chat with her in person, but I'm not enjoying her writing, at least not right now. Is it that I want something different now, or more of the things I'd enjoyed in the past? Do we need to change our reading tastes to suit the market, or simply wait until the market is producing what we want to read again?

While we're pondering that issue, let's get to this week's books. The first is Legend
by Kathleen Givens (Warner). James MacCurrie is one of twin brothers and is destined by a long-ago prophecy to be with Ellen Graham. They must work hard for their happy ending in a time of war and turmoil in Scotland, and there are those close to them who may not wish to see them get to their HEA. For those of you loving tons of history with your romance, this one is perfect for you. I may not have been in the proper frame of mind for that when I read it, however. I'm giving it three of Cupid's five arrows. It was a slow read for me, and I found myself wishing for more of the physical setting to be part of the story.

Then we get to The Best Is Yet to Come
The Best Is Yet to Come
by Judith Gould (Dutton). I had another book from her a couple weeks ago, and this is her latest hardcover. As with the last one, this is more women's fiction than romance, and the romance there, between grieving widow Carolina and Seth, isn't convincing to me at all, particularly on her part. And the focus is mostly on Carolina throughout this book, although there are other characters with viewpoints. It gets only two arrows.

Be sure to pop into the forum and let me know how you feel about this week's books, and also how you feel about the current romance market.

Until next week, happy reading!

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