Eve's Quest

Eve's Quest
Players 2 to 6

Ages 14 and up

Playing Time Varies

March is National Woman's Month. It's a time to celebrate the accomplishments of women everywhere. Women have contributed to all aspects of life. Eve's Quest - a board game created by women - looks to enlighten players on the role of women throughout history. Eve's Quest can be a fun party game or a real challenge for even the biggest trivia buffs.

The goal of Eve's Quest is to move around a board, gathering enough letters to spell one of five worthy titles: Mother, Sister, Diva, Woman, or Goddess. There are 15 categories of trivia questions. Each category represents one letter that you will need to spell out on the 5 worthy titles.

Players begin their turn by rolling a die and moving their figurine around the board. Players can switch tracks once during their turn. Another player reads a question from the matching letter category, unless the player landed on an the special letter categories D and I. The player to her left then reads her question. Now the player has two choices: answer the question or use a help card. Each player begins the game with two help cards. If she gets the question right, she earns the letter, jotting it down on a sheet of paper to keep track of her score.

Once a player spells out one of the five worthy titles, she must pass an IQ test (Intuition Question) to win the game. She must correctly guess the answer that every other player gives to the intuition question. If she doesn't, then play continues, and her next turn she will get another chance to use her sixth sense. Once someone has used her sixth sense and guessed everyone's answer, she is crowned the winner. Alternatively, play can continue until one player is the only one left not to have been crowned a worthy title.

Eve's Quest was conceived by two women while they were on maternity leave. Joanna Broadhurst and Odette McCarthy noticed an absence of knowledge of women's accomplishments in may trivia games. They decided to do something about that and created a board game that was centered around women accomplishments. The creators of Eve's Quest also believe in giving back to the community. A proceed of the sale of the game goes to women's charities.

For those wishing to test their trivia knowledge or just looking to learn more about the accomplishments of women can do both with Eve's Quest.

I have never played Eve's Quest but had read about the game. My article is from research I did online.

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