Pine Valley, 2007

Pine Valley, 2007
The first thing I am looking forward to is the custody battle for Kate Martin. Now that Julia is caring for the child, following the death of her adoptive parents, there is little doubt that Julia will fall head-over-heels in love with her. Julia will adopt her, with the full support of Jamie. Shortly after the adoption is final, the little girl will become gravely ill. Leukemia, perhaps? She will be in need of a bone marrow donor, prompting all of Pine Valley to be tested. Dr Joe will announce that both Jamie and Tad are a match. Dixie has already commented on how the young girl’s eyes are so like Jamie’s. Now she wonders how it could be that two related men could batch her bone marrow, unless they are also related to the child. She brings her suspicions to Dr Joe, who also wonders the same thing. Tad donated his marrow to save the young girl, and then he learns she is his darling Kate. While the Martin family rallies around little Kate, the identity of the Satin Slayer is revealed. The Slayer is none other than Zach’s young sister, Sydney! Fearing for her life, Zach’s mother fakes her own death to get away from Alex Cambaias, Sr. Her regret is that she cannot take her children with her. She moves on with her life, remarries, and has Sydney . Sydney grows up knowing about her older brothers and her mother’s love for them. After being with Aunt Winnie, Sydney receives word of Mom’s suicide. Sydney blames it all on big brother Zach. Had mom not been so distraught over losing her sons, she would still be alive. Syd decides to make him pay by haunting him with memories of how Mom “died” when he was a child.

Ryan is unable to keep Annie, Spike, and Emma all safe. In the middle of a down pour, Ryan loses control of his car. He and Spike are critically injured while Emma and Annie only have minor injuries. While Ryan is in surgery, it becomes apparent that Spike will need blood. Kendall ’s blood does not match. Frantic, she insists Emma be checked. Doctors tell her Spike’s type is rare, and it is unlikely that anyone not blood related would match. Kendall stuns everyone with an announcement that Ryan is Emma’s biological dad. Ryan recovers and sues for custody of Spike, claiming Kendall cannot be trusted.

Other Pine Valley news - Josh learns Krystal is carrying Tad’s baby and promises to keep quiet if Babe leaves JR. Babe tells JR the truth about “their” sister and Josh’s threat. JR dumps Babe, Adam dumps Krystal. Krystal dies giving birth to Charlotte . Distraught, Babe turns to Josh for comfort. The two leave Pine Valley together.

To help get even with Maggie, Bianca gets more involved with Zoe. She stands by her as the rock star begins the process of becoming physically a woman.

Erica and Jack divorce. She begins dating Jeff and marries him by years end.

Pleae remember, I do not work for ABC. These are things that I’d like to see this year, story lines that I would find interesting. You may or may not agree with me, but I’d still like to hear from you. Tell me what you think on the message board or by clicking on the "CONTACT" button above.

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