Basketball Drills For Kids

Basketball Drills For Kids
The Double Dribble
Take two balls and dribble both balls at the same time. After working on the skill for a little while, suggest something to focus on (a car or a tree if outdoors, or something on the wall or down the court if in the gym) and have them dribble without looking at the balls. Dribble for five minutes non-stop, starting the time over again if a ball is dropped. Advanced dribblers can increase their time, or speed up as they get better at it.

Red Light Green Light
This is a drill for a team, and not just an individual player. Give each player a ball and have them stand at the baseline. Yell "green light" and have them walk towards the other end of the gym while dribbling. When you yell "red light", each player has to stop immediately and cease dribbling. The player who reaches the other baseline first is the winner. This drill develops their dribbling skills and teaches them how to control the ball better. On the return trip, have them switch hands (if they came up left handed, they go back right handed and vice versa).

For use with two players, or with coach/parent and child. Place ball on floor. Have 2 players stand a few feet from ball, with their backs to each other. When whistle is blown, Player 1 must prevent Player 2 from getting the ball, by boxing him/her out. This teaches both offensive and defensive skills.

Anything Goes
Three player stand in the key. The ball is tossed in the air, and all three players go up for the rebound at the same time. The player who gets the rebound must shoot immediately. The other two players try and stop him from shooting using any means, other than those causing physical injury. Fouls are allowed here! The object of the drill is to be able to shoot under pressure. The first of the three players to get a basket wins. The other two player sit down, and two more come in to play. Keep going until there is only one player left standing.

Back and Forth
Have the player stand in the key, to the side of the net with the ball in hand. Set your watch for one minute. When time begins, the child will shoot from the side, get his own rebound, and then switch to the other side. After each shot, whether the shot is made or not, the child switches back to the other side of the net again. Have them count how many shots are made in one minute's time. Great for teams - you can have them compete against each other to see who scores the highest.

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