The meaning of PRIDE. . .

What is the meaning of pride? Is it something simple or is it something complex? Can we even really define what PRIDE really means to us and them?
Pride is a time when the Gay. Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender communities in addition to our allies come together and show support. It is a time when we put differences aside and show our commonalities. At the same time, we relish in the ability to be different than the rest of main-stream society, yet truly an integral part of it. It is a time when we show how diversified our community is and that you cannot and should not lump us all into some neat little boxes and slap a label on it. Pride is a time of becoming self-aware and community aware. It is a time when we can show what we are on the inside when we were afraid to show it on the outside. It is a time when we can let our hair hang loose and just have a good time.

Sure, pride has many things wrong with it. It also has many things right with it. Some people think that pride just plays to the stereotypes that main-stream citizens think of us. They see the men in thongs with their pieces and bits almost falling out. They see the women and men who flash their tid-bits without care of who sees them and what laws they break. The see images of men in dresses and women in men’s clothing. They see the casual sexual encounters and the public displays of same-sex affection. They see the gay men and women carrying children. They think all we do is have sex, be promiscuous, turn others over to our life-styles and molest children. These are the negative side to pride and it being so out and open.

What these nay-Sayers fail to really see is the good things that come of PRIDE events everywhere. They fail to see that people love each other regardless of gender and sex. They fail to see men and women who love each other and want to share that love. They fail to see men and women who want to care for children that others couldn’t or wouldn’t care for. They fail to see men and women in love and wanting to produce something of that love. They fail to see men and women who are PROUD of themselves and not ashamed. They fail to see people who don’t care about social and moral stereotypes that usually would hold back others, but these people have overcome them. They fail to see the sense of community and acceptance that these events portray. If only they’d open their eyes, they would see a community that reflects how one wishes their life would be like.

So what does pride mean? Is it a time of celebration of the individual? Is it a time of celebration of the common? Is it a celebration of love? Is it a celebration of family? Is it a celebration of Acceptance? Is it a celebration of Tolerance? Is it just a parade? Is it just sexual freaks putting on a public display?

I don’t have the answer, because pride means something different to every brother, sister, mother, child, father, aunt, uncle, teacher, police officer, firefighter, EMT, paramedic, nurse, doctor, grandmother, grandfather, Jew, Christian, atheist, Muslim, catholic, Christian, Wicca, pagan, deist, humanist, vegetarian, carnivore, son, daughter, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, polyamorous, queer, and so forth. I cannot define Pride other than what it means to me.

What does PRIDE mean to you?

Join us in the forum and share what PRIDE means to you!!!!!

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