Cheyenne Kimball Interview

Cheyenne Kimball Interview
Shelia Goss: Are you in the studio now?
Cheyenne Kimball: I’m actually getting ready to go to the studio.

Shelia: How old are you?
Cheyenne: I’m 15. I’ll be 16 in July.

Shelia: How long have you been singing?
I’ve been singing since I was 8 years old. I picked up a guitar and taught myself to play. The day I picked it up, I wrote a song called “All I want to Do” and the rest [as they say] is history.

Shelia: How did it make you feel to record your first song?
It was exciting. I recorded my first song at about 10. The real first song for my album “Everything to Lose,” I was kind of freaking out. Listening to it was amazing.

Shelia: Sounds like you’ve always known you wanted to be a singer correct?
Cheyenne: Yes, since I was 8. I started doing art, then I moved into doing poetry and then writing music. I knew it would be something that I used to express myself—which happens to be music.

Shelia: Have you gone on tour yet?
No I haven’t. I have a high school tour opening up in April. It’ll be 28 states back to back. I’ll be going to the high schools meeting kids my age and interacting with them.

Shelia: Do you have a tutor or you still going to class?
My mom was teaching me. I started home school at the end of 7th grade. Now I have a real tutor because I’m filming for MTV and they hired a tutor for me.

Shelia: When will the MTV show air?
The MTV show airs May 24th I believe. It’s Reality TV. It’ll be called Cheyenne. The show is about my life and being 15 years old in the music business.

Shelia: How is it being on a reality show?
At first I was nervous, but they’re great guys. I love MTV’s people. They have an awesome crew. I know they’re not going to try to put me in a bad light--just because they show the real me. Of course my mom & I get into an argument sometimes, but that’s okay.

Shelia: Does being on the show make you nervous?
I’m not nervous at all. I think it’s going to be a great show. I’m real excited.

Shelia: Who are some of your favorite singers?
Shanon Hoon from Blind Melon.. I always wanted to meet him, but he passed away in ’95. I love Melissa Etheridge. I listen to a lot of things. Musically I was raised on everything. I listen to everybody.

Shelia: Who would you like to work with if given the opportunity to do a duet with someone?
Definitely Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.

Shelia: Besides singing and since you’re doing the reality show for MTV, do you think you’ll do any acting?
Maybe much further down the road after I’ve established that I’m a musician. I’m not trying to be like a triple threat right now or anything. I just want to go out and play my music. I’m more of a comedian. I wouldn’t mind being on SNL (Saturday Night Live). I think that would be cool.

Shelia: Do you have time to have friends?
I have four really good friends. They are my best friends. I don’t have much time to see them, but we talk every night. I have a Verizon phone. We’re texting all the time and I’m constantly on the computer talking to them.

Shelia: How has your life changed in other ways since your success?
Nothing has really changed for me, except it’s starting to get faster, more things going on, more interviews, photo shoots. It’s starting to get busier.

Shelia: When will the album be out?
The album, "The Day Has Come," will be released in July.

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