Guild Wars MMORPG

Guild Wars MMORPG
Guild Wars is a cool online MMORPG that you don't have to pay a monthly fee for! Once you buy it, you can play for eternity with no other costs. The graphics are gorgeous!

You can make a regular role playing characters who can level up and grow, or a PVP (player vs player) character that can be used for one on one fighting. You choose from a range of character types - warrior, ranger, monk, necromancer, mesmer and elementalist. They're all humans, but each class has its own appearance and can of course be male or female. You can customize the character height, face, hair styles, skin color, hair color, and so on.

Once you get into the game, you really become immersed. The graphics are simply amazing. The waterfalls, the landscapes, the trees, everything is just beautiful. You can really be quite happy just wandering around and feeling "one" with the nature you find. Of course it's nice to slay monsters, talk with your friends and build the skills of your character too!

In most MMORPGs, you have huge problems with people camping or stealing your loot. In this one, whenever you leave town to go out and face the world, you have your own unique copy of the map. If you want to adventure with friends, no problem! Form a party, and your party shares that map. This means you can have a lot of fun with friends - but you are safe from other unfriendly players who might otherwise cause trouble.

The best part of all is of course that this is all FREE once you buy the software. No monthly fees. No credit card accounts being hammered even if you're sick for a few weeks. You can play a while, ignore it for a while, come back and play some more.

Highly recommended!

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