Weekly Thoughts, June 19

Weekly Thoughts, June 19
All My Children

What is with Erica, anyway? Is it possible that she is truly, honestly, totally selfish? When she went to Tad, begging him to convince Jeff to deny Josh, I wanted to reach through the screen and slap her. I mean, come on! Any good man is going to want to know his child. Even after Tad explained the situation regarding Kate, Erica would not give up. Get a clue, Erica. The world does not revolve around the Kane Women.

Babe, honey, you need some serious help. Love conquers all is a great concept, but your "true love" tried to kill you. So what if a prison term means your son will not be able to see his father. Seems to me that is better than having an attempted murderer singing lullabies.

One Life To Live

Please tell me what was the point of bringing Margaret back to Llanview just to kill her? There had to be a better way to stop Todd's execution. Those final scenes at the prison before the injection were AMAZING. I am anxious to see Spencer get what is coming to him, and I thought Margaret would be able to help with that. Now that she is dead, how can she do that? Of course, I suppose this could be a set-up, planned by John and Bo....

Surprise, surprise. Kelly could be pregnant. As Kevin is supposedly sterile, that would make this Duke's child. Gee, who could have guessed that was coming?

General Hospital

Carly, Carly, Carly. Your problem is not Robin. Your problem is that you keep doing the same thing over and over. Lies are not going to change reality, they are not going to make your life easier. The truth about John's paternity was bound to come out at one point. Robin probably did you and Jax a favor by letting it out now. Let's hope that Nikolas has mercy on you. Rumor has it that his father is coming back to town. Better watch your back.

Sam was RIGHT ON in calling Alexis a control freak. Yeah, OK, so Jason makes his own decisions. However, Alexis sure did know the right buttons to push in order to lead him to the decision to cut Sam out of his life. A part of me really hopes that Manny brings about the final demise of Ms. McCall. Not because I don't like Sam (actually, she is one of my favorites), but because Alexis is the one that got him off scott-free. It would serve her right to know that she had caused the death of her first-born.

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