Spanish Possessive Adjectives

Spanish Possessive Adjectives
When we want to express possession, we use Possessive Adjectives. When we say "This is my car" or "Those are your dogs", "my" and "your" are both possessive adjectives.

In Spanish, it is very similar, we'd say: "Este es mi coche" and "Aquellos son tus perros". So, we have 'my' = 'mi' and 'your' = 'tus'. The table bellow shows all the Spanish Possessive adjectives, according to number and genre:

Adjetivos posesivos
(Possessive adjectives)

your (informal)
his / her / your (formal)
your (informal)
their /your (formal-plural)
The best to understand how to use them is working with some examples:

mi - Mi perro es grande. (My dog is big)
(Listen to this sentence)

mis - Mis perros son grandes. (My dogs are big)
(Listen to this sentence)

tu - Tu coche es rojo. (Your car is red)
(Listen to this sentence)

tus - Tus coches son rojos. (Your cars are red)
(Listen to this sentence)
su - Su madre está aquí. (His / Her / Your (formal) mother is here)
(Listen to this sentence)

sus - Sus madres están aquí.(His / Her / Your mothers are here)
(Listen to this sentence)

nuestro - Nuestro libro es interesante. (Our book is interesting)
(Listen to this sentence)

nuestros - Nuestros libros son interesantes. (Our books are interesting)
(Listen to this sentence)

nuestra - Nuestra madre vive en Madrid. (Our mother lives in Madrid)
(Listen to this sentence)

nuestras - Nuestras madres viven en Madrid. (Our mothers live in Madrid)
(Listen to this sentence)

vuestro - Vuestro perro está allí. (Your dog is there)
(Listen to this sentence)

vuestros - Vuestros perros están allí. (Your dogs are there)
(Listen to this sentence)

vuestra - Vuestra silla está allí. (Your chair is there)
(Listen to this sentence)

vuestras - Vuestras sillas están allí. (Your chairs are there)
(Listen to this sentence)

su - Su padre necesita ayuda. (Their / Your (formal) father needs help)
(Listen to this sentence)

sus - Sus padres necesitan ayuda. (Their / Your fathers need help)
>(Listen to this sentence)
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