Home Party Card Game Ideas

Home Party Card Game Ideas
When you have a home party plan business, you are always looking to recruit new demonstrators and keep the bookings up. You will also want to impart as much knowledge about your company and the products as possible. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time at the events to get everything across.

Card games can help you in all of the above areas. This article will hopefully give you some ideas to implement at your upcoming shows/parties/classes. Making the events fun are equally important. People seem to learn and remember more when they are having fun.

Using the cards Ace through King in a standard deck, have a chart made that tells people what they win if they draw a card from you. This is just a suggestion. Feel free to remake the chart into something that may fit what you are looking to accomplish.

Let them know if they pull a card that says win a party, they should be prepared to follow through. It is only fair.

Here is an example:

Ace, 2, 3: Win a prize (something from a dollar store)

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9: Win another chance (have them draw another card)

Give them the option of stopping at any time. You want the parties won to go to people who really want to do them and will put in the effort of inviting people and reminding them to come.

10, J, Q, K: Win a party and get a free dessert (they book the party and you bring a dessert – cookies or a couple of bags of small donuts)


Have the four suits all sorted out from Ace through King. Divide the guests into two to four teams; each team representing a suit of cards. Ask questions about your company, products, prices, the demonstrator opportunity, any guarantees you offer, etc. When someone on a team answers a question, right or wrong, give them a card, starting with an Ace. Let them know, of course, what the correct answer is if they get it wrong.

You can give out prizes to everyone for this game. The team with the most cards gets to pick their prize first.

Have many questions ready to ask as you want to pass out a number of cards. One hint; the team with the most cards at the end asked the most questions. They are perhaps the most interested in the company, products, and opportunity.


Ask for volunteers from the audience. Have several products ranging in price from low to high. Also have one regular deck of cards for the volunteers and let them know you have a calculator to help keep track of the pricing.

Now, give each volunteer some cards with the values of 2-9 being worth $5, face cards being worth $10 and Aces being worth $20. Have the volunteers lay down the cards that they feel represents the total amount of the prizes they are to price.

Give catalogs to the audience who can help by shouting higher or lower – but that is it. They may NOT shout out the price. The volunteers should probably do the game one at a time for less confusion.

This game is just for fun and can be used as an icebreaker. It shows the value of your products and how affordable they really are. You can modify this game to include any specials that your company is giving at that time.

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