Heathly Game Snacks

Heathly Game Snacks
Snacks and board games go hand-in-hand. We usually just grab some cookies off the store shelf. Cookies, cupcakes, and other snacks rich in calories and sugar. You will eat more than you need and never get full. With a little planning beforehand, you can serve healthy snacks on game night.

Slicing a cucumber or apple for those game time munchies can be a healthy choice. In a lot games, you have to wait your turn - looking to pass the time. Keeping sliced fruits and vegetables nearby will give you plenty to munch on while not containing a lot of empty calories.

Nabisco makes the 100 calorie snack packs that come in a variety of foods like chocolate chip cookies. 100 calorie packs provide an easy way to keep track of the calories consumed during a game session. With small Ziploc bags, it is simple to transform your favorite snacks into 100 calorie servings. Use a little math to figure out how many pieces of your favorite snack make up 100 calories. For example, let's use animal crackers that are 120 calories per serving and 16 crackers make up a serving. Divide 16 into 120 to see how many calories are in 1 cracker. Next divide that number into 100. This will give you the number that makes up 100 calories. Place that many crackers into a baggie. Now you have a 100 calorie snack with your favorite food.

120/16=7.5 , then take your answer and divide into 100, 100/7.5=13.333

Create your own fruit or vegetable tray or if you are pressed for time, your local grocer probably sells some. Spice up the offering with a fruit or veggie dip. Ranch dressing is a perfect dip for vegetables. A light ranch dressing will make for a smart choice when trying to cut the calories. A lot of fruit dips use cream cheese as a base ingredient. A light cream cheese can save you a few calories. Yogurt, sour cream, or even plain powdered sugar work wonderfully as fruit dips.

Providing a healthy game snack can not only save you consuming empty calories but make you feel good. Foods rich in food do little to satisfy hunger, in fact a lot of times I just want more after I've eaten something with a lot of sugar. When it's time for a snack during game night, making a healthy snack choice will be key in sticking to eating right and keeping focused on the game.

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